P3D v4 Smart Dock | VDGS Engine

Hello dev community
I've been working for the last months on a new VDGS Engine
it is fully working and ready to be used by Scenery developers/end users/profiles & presets builders

the first release will simulate one VDGS model only, other models are coming in future releases

Here is a quick preview of a docking operation :




more info will come soon :)

That’s some great work! Does it use the AFCAD parking node? Can you define different stop positions for different aircraft types?
it uses profiles like GSX ini files
you create profiles using a diffrent program that uses live mode connected to P3D
diffrent stop position is a feature that will implemented after some big tests
i didn't have time to release the program :(
Update : PMDG 737NGXu and Aerosoft A330 will be supported from the first release

Waiting for Microsoft Flight Simulator SDK update to decide whether the addon will be released for P3D only or MSFS too
the first Version of Smart Dock is ready to be released
it will support only one model (SafeDock T2-24), Other models are ready but still need to be tested

before the release, i want to know if there are any scenery/aircraft developers interested in the product so i can start preparing the SDK to interact with it

I will keep you updated