Snark: What's Boeing's marketing staff going to do about the older 737s?

Now that the Max is in production, it'll only be a matter of time before it supersedes the NG entirely.


When Boeing came out with the 737 in 1967, it was just the 737. They didn't even bother putting a little dash with the series on the painted-on logos (possibly because nobody wanted the -130 - I mean, is there any point in saying "737-100" when they're all the same sub-model?).

Then in the 80s they came up with a new generation and demoted the 731/732/73S to the "classic."

Then in the 90s they came up with the next generation and demoted the 733/734/735 to "classic" and further demoted the 731/732/73S to "original."

So now we have the -800 Advanced (Max 8, whatever), and we all know that per their marketing people's MO that the NG is going to become the "classic" in a couple of years. So we might speculate what the other 737s will end up being demoted to.

My vote is that, in light of the lap joint issues they'd rather we forget, they'll just pretend the first 737 flew in 1984 (sort of like when their website pretended that they made the DC-8 - which it still might) and retcon the first three models out of existence.

What do y'all think? We could make a drinking game out of it.
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Good heavens, no. I'm just someone with some pre-NG reference materials and a good memory having a laugh at Boeing's marketing team's expense.

A friend of mine suggested they'll get around the issue by calling the NG the "NG Classic.":rotfl:


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One airline management browser game aptly used the following classification:

731/2/S - 737 Jurassic
733/4/5 - 737 Classic
736/G/8 - 737 NG

(No Max yet back when I played it.)