So what else do you do besides developing for FS?


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I'm an Engineer. I actually design and build real airports.
Now *that* is majorly cool!

I'm hoping that my upcoming master's studies take me into a similar direction - even if it would just be inspecting and certifyin newly build airports. :D


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Humm, besides flight simulation? In my job I am a R&D Engineer in the field of flight simulation, so it might not be MSFS things I am working on, but it is still quite similar. So it is hard to imagine what I would do without working on a flight simulation.

I would probably spend more time on my racing bicycle :).
When I don't work for AeroFiles creating some new products and stuff, I tend to turn on my xbox or ps3 and just sit and play some games :p

I don't fly that much more in the simulator, but every now and then I do.
Some friends of mine had hoped I did this more often, but ooh well :rolleyes:
What I do when not simming.

Spent 14 years in the RAF and use FS to recreate planes and airfields I had the best times with. Then followed 30 years with IBM as a software designer/developer and just can't stop programming. My favourite language is Delphi, though I have used most other "languages", most of which are awful in comparison, like the scrappy C and derivatives and Visual Basic - YUK. It's a pity there isn't a real operating system for the PC. Also have electronics as a hobby, R/C Flying, Painting, Writing Novels, Mecanno and I own a 50-acre farm and breed alpacas. Well into MIDI, and wrote a music compiler for it. So not a lot really! BTW, had FS since Bruce Artwick's version 1. Pity he didn't keep with it!
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Flew my Cherokee for 16 years and sold it, so I rent a plane once in while and fly with a friend. Play with my 8th grandson with Railworks and Train simulator....but I really love to make "solid wood"(Mahogany) model airplanes...grow Hot Peppers in the garden from all over the world and pickle them!!! and enjoy going to Italy and France for vacations........:D:D:D

Imam Romeo--RO-1: 1/72 Scale

B-18, BOLO( Much needed in FSX...great AAF plane.)

SM-81 "Pipistrello"(Bat)..won first price in Show in Milano, Italy back in 2004...Yes!!! it was the Only entry in the scratchbuilt category!!!!:eek::eek:

Been making these models for around 45 years....:)


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If im not in front of my PC i could be eating/sleeping/teasing my dog/out with my RC planes/Researching my latest solid fuel for my model rockets which is a bit potent to the point that they exceed the speed of sound and several thousand feet.....