FSX SODE not showing in addons menu

I installed SimObject Display Engine (latest version) and followed the manual to make sure it was done right. When I ran FSX it informed me there was a module I gave permission for it to run the module.

Get into the sim load up at one of my airports but I got nothing on the addons menu.. Can someone tell me where I may be going wrong?

I am still using the boxed version of FSX (deluxe edition) at V10.00 so would I need to move onto Acceleration or something?

If you need any more information just say.

Can you attach the SODE.log here? The log is to be found at C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\log

Other cause could be that your Anti-Virus disables the SimObjectDisplayEngine.exe to run (false detect).
Yes still getting the issue (sorry for the delay)
Attached is the log inside a zip file these forums only allow a few file types.


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