SODE V1.6.3 Open-Beta

New Beta uploaded right now.
This one contains a fix for an issue where the AI data collection loop would not continue to run due to wrong internal jetway counting (will solve the problem at FT KBOS).
I think that did the trick. No more CTD for me for half an hour testing. Good work! I will continue testing in the next days. And yes, KBOS is now looking way better than before, thanks for that!

I think the problem with too-far-away jetways is with the developers. Somehow it has to be communicated to them what causes this problem and how to fix it. As I said before, most of the jetways are in physically easy reachable range, so it's a coding / modelling thing. I believe you will issue some information anyway when the update is final and the multi-jetways are official.

Next issue I noticed are some jetways ignoring again that they are crossing each other. Most likely at gates with multi-jetways but an AI aircraft with only one exit, or only one exit in range. Whenever two doors get a jetway all is fine, but when only a forward door is coded (lets say at a 767) the aft jetway connects to this door and crosses the other one. Seen this at CYYZ and LOWW. I can make screenshots for you if you like.

Regarding my AI traffic, it's all manually collected and installed using mainly flightplans by Alpha India Group. I am part of that group from the beginning and we are focusing on AI traffic in the sim (but I guess you already noticed it ;) )
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hey @12bPilot
i have problem with sode in P3D v4
i can't open the control tab
can't engage jetways
all i can is reload and test that says no problem
PLZ help
( worked perefectly on v3 )

after some additional recent observations at the new RJBB scenery by BDO Aviation, which also features multi SODE jetways, I can indeed confirm my theory.

If there are multi jetways at a gate and an AI aircraft with only one exit, it's always the aft jetway which connects to this one door, mostly crossing the front one staying static.
Hi Jeffrey,

Thank you for your ongoing improvements in SODE. As an AI enthusiast the newest feature is highly appreciated.
So I installed the beta and tested Simwing's new Heathrow Professional, WF Scenery Studio's Beijing and FlyTampa's Toronto.

-virtually every multi-jetway layout let to crossings
-with just on exit the first (and not the second) jetway attached to the door
-at Terminal 3 the second jetway does not attach (maybe the distance is to far)

-Terminal 3 is working perfectly
-at Terminal 2 a few jetways are crossing in each other (even though the same layout is working on the other end of the terminal)
-one jetway at Terminal 2 is not connecting at all (still the parking position in the AFCAD could be to close to the terminal)

This puzzles me the most: Every jetway is aligned to the right exit but all jetways keep a distance (some 2-3 meters) to the door. CYYZ is the only airport were I have this strange anomaly.

Hope this helps you a bit and let me know if I can do any further testing for you.