*** SODEPlacer V0.6 ***

Salam, Hello All

I want To Ask How I Have To Open Sode Placer Program? Like I Download Sode Placer Floder Then Whisplacer Now Where i Have To Open Or At Files To Open Sode Placer Program Need a Big Help

Thank You :)
Have the same question, and am more than a little surprised that there are no instructions for installing this package. Clearly many have made it work so I'm missing something...? The download contents have nothing in the way of installation steps. How is everyone making this work?
I'm sure you can initially unzip it anywhere you like, and run it from there. My understanding is that it is a Java program, so you will need Java installed first.
I've just checked, and I can see installation instructions here:
Thanks, that's as far as I get:
  • Unzip to any location you want and double-click the SODEPlacer.jar file
At that point the .jar file just upacks itself to the same folder.... maybe Java isn't playing nice and actually installing as it should?
Just checking, did you actually install Java first? A proper Java installation should register the .jar extension to open within Java.
Sorry, just realised my link to the instructions is this very same thread:)
Updated to v0.5:
  • Support for placement of VDGS boxes if you have purchased the SODE VDGS Pack
  • Added support for manipulating the heading of a selected object using the mousewheel and key modifiers SHIFT, CTRL
  • Fixed several minor bugs
Updated to v0.6:
  • Support for the (optional) TargetSim node for the entire xml project.

Using the TargetSim node, you can specify that this xml is only used for a specific simulators. A use case would be to have non-PBR SimObjects display in sims prior P3Dv4 and PBR SimObjects in P3Dv4 and v5. So you would create 2 xml file sets with different TargetSim definitions set in SODEPlacer.
Another use case would be to have xml files for each simulator and your scenery installer will only put it in the SODE xml folder for the simulator specified in your installer. This will prevent the shared SimObjects to appear in a simulator in which your scenery is *not* installed.

Documentation: https://sode.12bpilot.ch/?document=the-xml-definition-file/targetsim