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I want to make a dock to park a seaplane. I want it landable for little helicopter. I success to make a hard surface on the top of my dock but how I can do the sides so the floats don't pass across but bump on them? Thanks.
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I have made a quick test dock to try and make your dock and what I did was make a dock, then add a land able pad on the top, I then made a copy of the top pad and rotated it to the side BUT not all the way to 90degrees just close and made a third copy and rotated it to the other side. In your PartDataDefs.txt you have to make more copies of the platform_CONCRETE_0 and re name so that you can have more than one land able pad, but it works and my floatplane bounced off

Hope this helps..Farfy:D:D
Hi Jon,

I really dont remember what I do next to your message in 2008... but I try to solve the same problem today! I applied your method but my Beaver dont bounce; it goes throught the warf until it catch the upper landable polygon and climd on it.

Can you bring me the FSDS file of your warf so I can explore it?

I restart my developping season recently. I make four airports in one month. Your ADE is so usefull. I use it also to make ground texture.