[SOLVED] No SODE Display During Playback


FSDevConf team
I have another challenge I'm trying to solve with SODE. My first scenery is an island airport, and the whole island is generated as a single MDL. I'm using SODE to display this island with different texture sets per season, and in normal sim mode it's working well.

The problem I've hit is that when you record a flight on or around the island and play it back, the island disappears. Is it possible that seasonal display of object textures doesn't work in replay mode? The plan stopped mid-air on the invisible runway in playback and even showed the dirt effects by the wheels, but no island.

I can provide any code necessary to help diagnose this.

That's a very old limitation of the FSX/P3D rendering engine.
For some reason, the sim's built-in instant replay will not render any SimObjects that were injected from SimConnect clients. Tools like SODE, FSDT's couatl and even AI Traffic generators are affected by this.
I have posted a request to change this in LM's Prepar3D forum a long time ago, but did not get a response...

A workaround to this is to use a 3rd party recorder/replay tool, like FSRecorder or such. The objects are displayed when using those.