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[SOLVED]Strange 'Halo' lights above the actual landinglights

Hello fello pilots

Since a while I have this strange 'halo' effect above the landing lights over the wing on several planes?
I have FSX:SE with the Steam A2A REDUX shockwave lights installed and I cannot figure out how to get rid of it? Any clues how to fix?
Initially after installation the light worked perfectly well.
I reasonably understand how the lights system works in the [LIGHTS} section of the AIRCRAFT.CFG file but there no way I can fix the problem by manipulating the Landing light numbers.
I assume there must be some generic source for aircraft lights within the sim that needs to be fixed? But I don't have clue?
Any help will be much appreciated.

Rgrds Bert

Hi Bert - I don't have FSX SE, but I did spend a lot of time a while back trying to get the landing lights on my AI a/c down to a reasonable size (in stock FSX they are enormous). The landing lights on many a/c are generated from the halo.bmp file in the Textures folder. In the course of my activity I experimented with several different versions of this file, including one installed as part of the old Redux lights package. At least one of them (I seem to think it was the Redux version) had reflections added to the base effect which looked good on the ground but not in the air. Your image looks a bit like that, although the reflection is usually below the lights rather than above.

Assuming FSX SE is the same, the halo.bmp file actually contains four images. From memory the top left image is the one usually used for landing lights.
Take a look at that file and see if the halo effect is there. If so, that's your problem. You might try uninstalling the Redux lights (if you can) to see if it goes away. Alternatively PM me with your email address and I will send you my halo.bmp file to try.
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Hi fellow pilot's

Sadly no progress made on the subject :-(
I have tried a lot of tweaks, including the trying different Halo.bmp files to resolve the issue without result
Thought I give it another try. Here a screenshot in the dust. Maybe this triggers someone?
Still can't understand why nothing effects these strange landing lights? Not in positioning by changing the coördinates in the aircraft.cfg or overall effect?


I am very happy to announce that we SOLVED the problem. :D
I had the idea to search my whole FSX folder structure for files that contained the *halo*.bmp term and found that the REX4 (Real Environment Extreme) had a whole bunch of tweaked halo.bmp files in their folder structure!
They use it for tweaking all sorts of airport lightning. So what did was selecting a different airport lightning theme and it SOLVED the problem.
I think REX4 had probably a corrupt/faulty halo.bmp file in one of their airport lightning themes?
Nevermind I'm glad it's fixed now. :D