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FSX:SE (Solved)The BGL files that I compile don't work

Hello everyone, thanks for adding me to the forum.
I have started to design sceneries, recently, and I'm having trouble with the BGL compilation.

This is what happens:
When I finish a Project on ADE and compile it, the BGL files are made and no error message appears. But , when I try to see it on FSX SE, I can't. To home in on the problem I sent the files to other people and they also couldn't see the scenery, so the problem is not my FSX, but the scenery files.
Also, a airport designer was kind enough to compile the .ad4 file I made, and when he compiled it, it worked fine. I have also tried to make a scenery using Object Placement Tool and when I compile it my dropping the .xml on top of the BGLcompiler, the files are also not usable. Another thing I tried was giving the xml file I created through OPT to another person (with FSX Boxed) for compilation, and it didn't work. Maybe my xml files are also not being made properly. For example, when I try to load a scenery on OPT, sometimes, half the objects are missing.

For this, I think the problem lies with my SDK. I have tried several solutions here. I have worked with P3D 1.4 SDK (the one I saw being recommended on this forum), I have used other versions of P3D and I have even borrowed an SDK from the boxed version of FSX. All with no success. This might have done more harm than good.

I have also reinstalled msxml4.

When I run the ADE checker, I find 2 problems. FS9 and FSX SDK. I don't have FS9, but I point the checker to the FS9.exe on FSX folder (still red). On the FSX SDK it doesn't show registry or RTM. I don't know what is RTM and I am very inexperienced with registries. But my best guess here is that I have a registry problem.

To provide some background here, I started making scenery with Object Placement Tool, and dropping the xml file on the BGLcompiler. It was working fine until it stopped working. I read somewhere that this tool was unreliable so I switched to ADE.

If someone has a guess, I would really appreciate it, as I would love to be able to make some scenery.


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Hello Scruffy. I am using the latest version of ADE 1.78. I will attach the Log, the ad4, and the bgl. Thanks in advance.


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My immediate reaction is that you are using P3D v3 SDK and compilers - any results from this will likely fail in FSX. If this is FSX:SE then you do need to use either the P3D 1.4 SDK - It does work.

Next you have the compile path set to C:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Addon Scenery\scenery which should be fine but first check that folder and be sure your bgl files are there. Second make sure that this folder is actually active - that is FSX:SE is reading it
My first guess was also a problem with the SDK version, so I tried to do the process with different SDKs. That is why the log might show a later version of the P3D SDK. But in my last attempt I used v1.4 and pointed the bgl files to my project folder. Still with no success. So, I'm guessing the problem might be somewhere else, but I'm really clueless about where to check. I made a video of my compilation just so you can see if something obvious pop's up.
Thanks for the video. If you compiled to the project folder then you need to copy or move the bgl files to Addon Scenery\scenery. FSX knows nothing about your projects folder but will read the bgl files if they are in Addon Scenery\scenery. I have checked your bgl files and also recompiled. if I place your bgl files or mine in Addon Scenery\scenery that are recognized and the changes you made to the airport show in sim
Thanks Jon. I really appreciate your efforts trying to help me. It is interesting that you can load my bgl's on your sim, because I've sent them to other simmers and they can't. If someone else reads this thread and wants to give it a try, it would be great.

I think I am doing the installation correctly. Because when I try with other BGL files, I can see them on the sim.
Again, if it helps, this is how I install add-on scenery on my SIM. When I use BGL files compiled by others, I can see it, but I can't see mine.

PS: This afternoon I will try to compile on my father's computer. He already has FSX Steam installed on Win 10. Should I just download ADE and P3D 1.4 and give it a go? Is there something else I need to install?

I don't have FSX0-SE but FSX-Accel.

I compiled your AD4 file and placed the bgls in a new sceneryy area.

It looks ok to me:

Thanks for the reply GHD, I think the problem is with my compilation. If you use my bgl files, can you see the scenery?
Thanks, that helps me to focus on the problem source. If the ADE files are ok and it's not a problem on my FSX, it is a problem on the compilation.
Try these bgls (compilled from your AD4).


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Yep, I can use your scenery. The buildings just appear a bit of place.

In a file compiled by another simmer that I placed on my FSX, they are on place.

That might have to do with the SDK version or something. I will do some uninstallation of old SDK's I have here. And see if that fixes the problem. They might be conflicting with each other.
If the bgl files you shared are compiled with an SDK later than P3D v1.4 then they are unlikely to show up in FSX
It appears to be the "1.9" in the filenames that are causing the problem. I tried the .bgls from the .zip in P3D v4.5 as-is and saw no change from default, then I renamed them without the 1.9 and it works. Didn't try them in FSX.
JRobinson, you're a genius. I would have never thought about that. It works in FSX too, I just tested it. Now I can finally enjoy ADE. Thank you very much!
And of course, thank you Scruffy and GHD.
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I had forgotten that there can only be one point separator in files in sim. it only recognizes the letters after the first point as the file extension. so a point separator that's not followed by bgl will be ignored.

Also do not use any symbols other than the underline and the single period (and perhaps the dash?). Also, do not start filenames with numbers.