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SOLVED!! Trouble adding autogen to my custom photoreal scenery

after following all the manuals and using annotator and scenproc my autogen scenery still seems not to appear on my photoreal scenery and it is getting frustrating. Any idea what I am doing wrong? I assume the photoreal ground is somehow excluding the autogen scenery from appearing but I am not sure how to fix it..
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i tried using scenproc again but it didnt load any autogen


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    Screenshot (198).png
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and here i am setting houses down in annotator but none of them still appeared. I am not an expert at this but could someone politely explain what I am doing wrong in both?


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    Screenshot (199).png
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Your scenproc script contains quite some errors. I assume you try to detect vegetation from your imagery? The manual has samples for that.

In the importGDAL stwp you need to load imagery, for example geotiff files. Not the texture filter configuration file.

Also you need to use the DetectFeatures step to actually find the polygons. Else you can't make any autogen from them.

In your current script you load no data and make no new data, so of course nothing can be created.
okay thank you I will check for those things. I am mainly trying to add row housing to my scenery. Where should I start? I prefer doing it through annotator because it’s easier but maybe it’s a P3d issue
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If you want to add autogen in a small area using Annotator is easier indeed.

I don't use row houses that often, but are you using the standard texture or a custom one?
I am adding autogen buildings and vegetation to the whole city of St. Louis MO Over my custom photoreal scenery
Are you adding buildings or row houses? In autogen that is two different concepts.
Looking at your Annotator screenshot you did add a row house there and not a building.

For the buildings you select the roof type you want in Annotator and then you can start drawing the building shapes. Afterwards you save the AGN files to your texture folder and they should show.
okay i will try and let you know if they show. if they do not show what do you think could be the cause? Because the row houses did not show either
Like I asked before, do you use the default textures or did you specify custom ones? Missing textures or selecting a invalid roof type can all cause objects not to show. And of course you also have your settings in the sim that determine the density of autogen that is shown.
so I removed my airport scenery BGL and only kept the photoreal bgl and added the autogen in annotator like in the screenshot below (only as an example) and turned up my autogen density but the scenery still did not appear. Any ideas?


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    Screenshot (201).png
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The agn files that Annotator made are in the texture folder that belongs to your photoreal scenery?
UPDATE: I will keep looking into annotator but for now I will try to add groupings in ADE or SbuilderX. Thanks for the help though
With ADE or SBuilderX you can not make autogen on top of photoreal scenery. You can make terrain vector polygons with those tools, but they will not show on top of the photoreal.
Could you attach the generated agn file here? Maybe I can spot something from it.