P3D v4 Some aircraft not showing on P3Dv4.3

Hello guys,
Just wonder if some one has had this problem with some freeware aircraft.
I have some that perfectly show and work with P3Dv4, but when placed in P3Dv4.3 they show in the aircraft list but the Preview Screen in the opening page reads No Preview Available and of course at the airport the aircraft does not appear at all.
this happens for instance with B777-200ER from Proyect Opensky
Comments appreciated
Well sad because there seems to be no replies. Wonder if I am the only simmer with this problem, doubt it.
And in addition to the initial post, let me add that I bought a Camsim B777-200 said to be for P3D, installed it in my P3Dv4.3 and the beauty has no landing gear, the cockpit is dark, engines are running, and feel terrible having pais $55.00 at FS Pilot Shop. Camsim is not giving any sort of solution.