Some clarification needed

I just recently discovered this wonderful tool and read the accompanying wiki tutorial which says in particular:

Unlike land class tiles, land class POLYGONS can be any shape and size.
I know that it's possible to create landclass tiles and polygons in SBX too, so my question refers to both of these programs anyway. So, here it goes:

1. If I make a polygon of arbitrary size in FSX_KML (or SBX), do I also need to take care of the size of custom textures in pixels to eg. avoid distortion caused by stretching of bitmap to fit polygon size? Cause for me, making custom-sized landclass polygons and texturing them sounds like making ground polys in Gmax (plus UV mapping to tailor image bitmap) where the only difference maybe that Gmax polys are flat.

2. Do landclass polygons follow the terrain mesh unlike ground polys made in Gmax?

3. Do I need to follow the FSX naming convention for such custom textures, as described by Holger here?:

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Rustam.

1. The polygons are not custom textures. If you wish to do that, you can make a 'fake' photoreal custom texture. Polygons are landclass textures.
2. Both landclass polys and photoreal polys hug the ground.
3. naming conventions don't apply.