Some Materials Not Exporting (Dev Release

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Some Materials Not Exporting at all (Dev Release)

I have been using Modelconverter to "post-process" Gmax exported models.

On some models there is one or possibly more materials that don't export properly (ie don't appear in sim).

On the MDL in front of me now:
Multibit alpha textures, and the material in question has "Use Global Env Map as Reflection", and "Modulate by Inverse Diffuse Alpha" checked. "Allow Bloom" checked also. Opaque texture.

Source File: Gmax Gamepack, 193 Polygons, No LODs, No Duplicate material Names or part names
Single Multimaterial (3 FSX materials Only)
If exported directly (Gmax) no problems. When opened and re-exported using ModelconverterX one matierial doesn't show. Normals not flipped.

When "converted" model is opened again in Modelconverter all materials and parts seem present.

(Modelconverter Executable Datestamp Wednesday, ‎13 ‎January ‎2010, ‏‎12:00:09 PM)

Very Odd indeed.
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