Sound Effects Aboard An AI Carrier

I have all my notes and the SKD Manuals on Sound Configuration and Special Effects. I also created some really cool effects triggered at specific times from a BGL when I created NAS Alameda 3 years ago. OK! BGL Controllers place the sound effect at a specific lat/long. Alameda was a scenery so no problem with hearing the sounds as the ai carrier departed controlled by the AI Boat Traffic program. NOW...I want to do this same thing on board an AI Carrier where it may be in the world. Is this possible to do and how? The SDK says that times are in the local time constantly changing...problem. If it was easy I would have done it already. LOL!!! I have gotten a lot of help here for a lot of different problems with gauges; scenery; MDCx and a lot more. Looking for your input.


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An AI object is an aircraft, not scenery, so you can't treat it that way. You have to do what authors do to create sounds in an aircraft - the sound.cfg file, and sounds played by panel gauges.

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I have looked at the other ai carriers and they all have the same sound folder which included the blast shield and catapault sounds which are triggered by FSX when they are activated by the programs key commands. I was sent two Battleships to use with Saratoga of the Battleship Omaha and Tennessee which he appended bell and horn sounds which he is activating it says by the "G" command on the ship which has no aircraft on it but though I added it to SARA no joy. Oh well. I am going to play with adding a panel to the carrier and see if Marc Thompson's FDSFX might be a way of doing this. Can't hurt to try. I have done a lot with his Gauge even expanding the number of switches for larger passenger aircraft or deleting for smaller passenger aircraft. Progress (or lack of) later.


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There seems to be confusion between user vehicles and scenery objects. Simply put, if it can’t be flown, or driven, it can’t have a gauge. Except, see below*.

There are many scenery objects that emit sounds, vehicles, AI planes, boats all emit sounds. You can easily implement sounds as attached effects. If you need it to play at certain times, use an effect controller.

Getting an effect to trigger in relation to user input, or vehicle position, is a bit trickier. For anything beyond the basic interactive effects, like arrestors, for example, you will have to go outside the sim and use an *external module, like SODE. This does not mean you can’t “hack” a default sequence, like the blast shield, with a different animation/sound, but then the default blast shield animation will not be available.
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