FSXA Sound effects, what means radius?

I tried to install the bellsound of a church as effect to a little village. It works but you can hear the bells 15 km distant.
I tried in the Cntrl-fx as Radius 5 then 3 then 1 but there was no change.
Thank you Gary, in the meantime I found your thread (but I didn't understand all of it) So I found the radius is not only in the Cntrl-fx.
The second link concerns P3D. Is it usable for FSX also? I have no P3D.
Hi again:

MS Game Studios' ACES as developers of FSX made a slightly modified version of FSX available under the name "ESP", that was briefly licensed by Flight1 before ESP was acquired in its entirety for "Academic" development and retail by Lockheed Martin as "Prepar3D" (aka "P3D").

ESP and 'most' scenery in all versions of P3D is still default "FSX", so nearly all versions of P3D SDK docs apply to FSX as well.

However, the original MS-FSX SDK docs are here:


The somewhat more easy-to-read Lockheed Martin P3D version 1.4x ESP / P3D SDK (FSX SDK equivalent) docs are here:


FYI: The downloaded installer includes both Lockheed Martin P3D version 1.4x (FSX) SDK and that SDK's documentation. ;)

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