Sound issue in FsX Grumman Goose

Has anyone noticed such sound issue in the FsX Grumman Goose that if you choose the spot view and return to the cockpit, the engine sound is like you would have full throttle despite the engines are on idle? Outside the sound is correct. This actually happens also when i start a flight with the Goose.

If you then use some throttle so that the rpm goes over 1500 the problem disappears until you again choose the spot view and come back in the cockpit.

I checked what the SDK told about the sound.cfg files and checked the Goose's sound.cfg, but didn't found any real bug. The only one was this:

It would be of course logical, that the file would be GGoos_RPM04_Left,
but changing the filename just changes the problem to a bit different one.

Has anyone some idea, what could cause this? :confused: :(
I don't think it's limited to the Goose. I've been experiencing this very problem with both my Avro Vulcan and P-40 Kittyhawk soundsets I'm doing, yet the default soundsets all work fine.

The files are all 22,050 Khz 16 bit mono wav files so there's no sound panning issues, but this damn thing is bugging the absolute heck out of me.

I've gone through the config line by line and everything is as how it should be. My only thought is that it might be something memory related.

Any further advice on this would be cool.. :)
I have a similar sound issue with a Bell 206 that I'm working on. I've replaced one of the default combustion sounds with one of the same sample rate and format. Yey the sound does not play quite correctly until I've cycled through all the views and back into the cockpit.

I also find that sometimes if I shutdown the helicopter that one of the default engine sounds continues to play indefinitely at low frequency after everything's stopped. I fear there must be some peculiar bugs in FSX's sound system, or perhaps in the underlying DirectX.

Seems this issue is popping it's head around lately... I thought it might have been SP2, but I've run SP2 with no probs for a while.. Anyone running Vista like me? wondering if it's an issue with the DirectSound that's packaged with Vista...that's DX10 isn't it?
Same problem here...

Hey there, i'm having a very similar issue. Probably the same. The issue happens with 747. When I'm starting the engines a weird sound starts suddenly as the engines are turned on already. If I turn off engines the sound still playing.

If I change to another aircraft then go back to 747 silence takes place as expected. But when I start the engines the problem is there again.

My system is windows 7 home basic. My directx version is 11. FSX with service pack 2 installed.

I have googled a lot for it and did not find a solution. Also I realized that all folks reporting this problem are running vista or 7 like me. I tried a lot of things already and nothing works. If someone has a clue on that would be really appreciated.

got it!

Hey guys. I finally got the solution for this problem. At least worked for me with Boeing 747. I did a bunch of things but what I think was the solution for the problem is the following:

*I'm using windows 7 home basic edition in a vostro 1320.

1-Right click sound icon and "Playback devices".
2-At playback tab right click your sound device, properties.
3- at enhancements tab mark "disable all enhancements", click OK.
4- go to recording tab and disable all michrophones.
5- at communications tab select "do nothing".
6- click apply and close.
7- test.

Also I have reinstalled latest nvidia driver from nvidia driver download site. I'm not sure what solved the problem but my guess is number 5 because I've read here that a microphone issue was causing a similar problem.

Since it was a pain and I don't want to touch those changes again. if someone can try only number 5 first and check if works please post here.

Thanks guys! I hope this works for you!
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First of all, I apologize for this rather lengthy post, however, like some of you, I have looked at this problem for some time, and if you bear with me for a moment I think I might have a few useful insights.

The sound issues in Flight Simulator X that I am specifically referring to here are the sound issues that resolve themselves when the Q key is pressed to momentarily turn the sound off and back on. These sound issues usually involve the engine sounds and occur after cycling through or changing the view, and also involve engine sound pitch and volume as the engines are running, or the plane is turning.

What is interesting to me about this sound issue is that it never occurred until I upgraded to a multicore processor machine. The sound issue never occurred on my older single core processor machine running windows XP. The issue has never occurred with Flight Simulator 2004, even on my new machine, which really puzzles me no end.

After upgrading to a Core 2 Duo processor with a P5Q SE2 Asus motherboard is when I began to experience the sound issue. I initially thought it was a problem with Windows 7, so I installed XP on the machine, and the same thing happened.

I set the affinity of Flight Simulator X to run on only one core of my processor, and the sound issue remained.

I installed and up-to-date sound card in the system, and the sound issue still was present.

Applying the Service Packs (SP1 & SP2) also have no effect. Changing the graphics options in the simulator also seem to have no effect. Updating my graphics driver (Radeon 4850 HD) had no effect.

Based on my own observations therefore, the sound issue in is independent of the operating system, and independent of the sound hardware being used.

I have also noticed that the sound issue occurs only with multiengine planes, and will also occur with some planes more so than others. For example, on my system, the sound issue is very prominent when flying the Grumman Goose and on a payware Lockheed Constellation (Just Flight -, but doesn't occur very much when flying the Beechcraft Baron or Air King (but it doesn't occur), and has almost never occurred with the PDMG 747-400. My conclusion from this observation is that the sound configuration files might have some impact on the frequency of the sound issue arising.

I also have tried to make numerous adjustments to the settings of my sound system, but none of these seem to have made any difference

I purchased the Flight Simulator Sound Studio available from Flight1(, in the hope that I might be able to use it and minimize the effects of the sound issues. The engine sounds for most planes are composed of at least four sound files. The sound files are each played back at various playback rates and cross-faded together as the throttle is moved up or down. Other filters are applied such as the sound cones and Doppler effects.

Interestingly, the engine sounds playback perfectly in Flight Simulator Sound Studio, if not better than in Flight Simulator X. My conclusion from this observation is that my sound hardware is obviously not the issue.

As far as I am concerned, the issue is clearly a bug in Flight Simulator X that is somehow related to the newer multicore processors. I am not absolutely sure of this, but it seems to make sense since more people have noticed it as the newer processors have come out. Flight Simulator X is obviously having a problem with the variable rate playback and real-time mixing of the engine sound files, or for that matter, selecting the correct sound files with machines that have the newer multicore processors.

Frankly, I don't think there is any fix to the issue unless Microsoft decides to support the program again and examine it. I don't believe that any hardware or software configuration settings alone are going to eliminate it, although I am hoping I might decrease the frequency and noticeability of the problem by editing the sound configuration files for the individual planes. Another solution might simply to be to stick with Flight Simulator 2004. Ultimately we may be stuck, for those of us experiencing it, with the sound issues until newer simulators come out. Cascade Game Foundry ( and Aerosoft ( both appear to be working on new flight simulators.

Anyway, for what it's worth, those are my thoughts and observations regarding the sound issues. If anyone else has anything to contribute on the topic, I would be eager to read what you know.
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Finally I have found others with the same problem. I have posted topics all over the place and found nothing. I ditched onboard sound and bought a sound card. I finally know that I am not insane.

Disabling all unused audio devises (microphones...) seems have to helped. I am also going to disable my front panel - I don't use it because my speakers have a headphone jack and a external volume control.

The aircraft that I am having the most trouble with is the CLS747. Disabling the microphone seemed to stop the issue with sounds after cycling views but it still seems that external sounds are bleeding in to the cockpit.

The other problem I am having is I get a swooshing sound in exterior and interior views. It is har to describe but there are two default sounds that seem to have a similar effect built in. If you play these .wav files you will know what I am talking about.


I am just really having trouble achieving the soothing aircraft sounds that I remember from FS9. Sounds that people rave about (QW757 comes to mind) just sound flat. If I recall from FS9, the CLS sounds were very nice.

BTW these are my specs:

Win 7 Pro 64bit
6GB Mushkin Redline DDR3 running@1604Mhz/6-7-6-18;1TB
Creative X-FI XtremeGamer

Here is my thread over at Simforums:
No, your not insane:rolleyes:

I believe that many people are having sound issues with FSX that just never cropped up with FS9.

The swooshing sound that you are describing is, in some cases, a design problem. If the sound was not mixed correctly by the designers, or if the same sound (especially in stereo) is used on multiple engines, there will be an echo-like swooshing sound, like the plane is in a tin can, from the same sound being played simultaneously in multiple instances, then going slightly out of phase with each other.

The other major issue is that FSX will simple start to play the wrong sound files, or play them at the incorrect rate, after changing or cycling through the views. It really does rob the user of much pleasure with the program, and is even more annoying when you consider that Microsoft has abandoned Flight Simulator.

On the other hand, the future does appear bright desktop flight sim, but I do wish that a solution to these sound issues could finally be had.
As with most issues with FS over the years, I do think there is a solution that the community will come up with for most problems.

I have only had a multi-core processor with a 64 bit OS for a couple months and there have been a number of solutions that have come about - uiautomationcore.dll fix for crashing when accessing menus and a possible fix for graphics corruption by lowering bufferpools are a couple of them. As more people have similar systems, I am hoping that more fixes will come about.

I agree that more people are having these sound issues than are reporting them.

Can everyone post their system specs and add ons so we can see if we have something in common?
BTW MedFlier,

Did you listen to the default sounds I suggested? At AVSIM someone mentioned that I could be experiencing phasing. Is that what you were referring to?

I have a thread going at CLS about this and if it is phasing, I will point it out there. In addition, how could phasing be more noticeable in FSX than in FS9 with the same files? If I can confront them with the correct technical info, they may be able to solve the issue.
Duckbilled -

I'll look at it over the weekend & I'll let you know what I think. I have been able to correct some of the phasing problems by editing the sound files and .cfg files in a couple of cases, but was an involved process & I need to think of a way to explain how I did it.
BTW MedFlier,

Did you listen to the default sounds I suggested? At AVSIM someone mentioned that I could be experiencing phasing. Is that what you were referring to?

I have a thread going at CLS about this and if it is phasing, I will point it out there. In addition, how could phasing be more noticeable in FSX than in FS9 with the same files? If I can confront them with the correct technical info, they may be able to solve the issue.
I realize this is an old thread but just wanted to add that I've been working on trying to sort out the incorrect RPM's playing on view switching as well and have some progress. I use FS Sound Studio and noticed a few things that when you drop the volume of a volume node to zero, it actually extends to a negative value. Going in to the More feature and manually typing in 0 seemed to have helped but it still rears it's ugly head. I'm going to see if programing will help. Fingers crossed.

As far as the swooshing sound, that is indeed phasing. It's easily avoided by designing each engine and it's RPM's completly different. I've noticed alot of multi aircraft use the same sound for two engines and that's where the problem lies. It's a bit more effort and more file size taken up but if you design the multi engines a bit differently, it's easily avoided and you won't have a loss of bottom end which is the first sign of phasing and your mix will clear right up. Also a good way to check for phasing if your ear isn't tuned into it is to pick up a set of software meters with a correlation meter. This will show you in degrees how much your audio is out of phase. Also checking mixes in mono frequently is an easy trick as well.
Sound Bug

Finally! Found your forum by chance, haven't got a straight answer until you guy's. Been flying FS9 for years. XMAS gift FSX. Pro's Con's this sound issue, all of the above!! some planes do some do not and I try them all been switching sound folders around for years you know Merlin in the Mustang, true F16 whine. Have learned to use the mute or me Q alot. Been trying to cycle thru views and muting each one then save flight seems to help. Prop planes mostly even my default 172. Don't know much about the hardware but I know what works have old XP laptop to compare. If I stumble upon a fix I will post it everywhere! Here's what I use:

Sound: Realtek BoseII speakers
System had put together for FS9 (man runs like a dream just wish had FSX realism)
Processor AMD A10-5800K APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, 3800 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB
Total Physical Memory 7.70 GB
Available Physical Memory 5.63 GB
Total Virtual Memory 15.4 GB
Available Virtual Memory 13.3 GB
Page File Space 7.70 GB
System Type x64-based PC
OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. P1.50, 8/31/2012
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FS Sound Studio and the sound engine have not been altered since Fs2002 as far as I know. I'm having similar problems to all the above. When I load the a/c first time all is well but if I pause and restart then some sounds are distorted. In the Troubleshooting-common Problems section of FS Sound Studio it says the follwoing:

· Changes I make in FS Sound Studio aren't heard in FS2002

FS2002 does very aggressive caching of files to improve performance. If you make a change while FS2002 is running, it's likely it won't reload the changed file. Try loading a totally different aircraft, then reload the one you're editing. If this doesn't work, you'll have to exit FS2002 and start it over.

Quite what it means by "very aggressive caching of files" is unclear but could refer to the number of wav files in each section. For example each engine has 10 combustion files comprising of 6 external and 4 internal. Plus 6 Jet-whine files: 3 external and 3 internal. I have never yet found an explanation of what the differences are between combustion and jet whine. How and why the sound engine uses them. The only thing I can think of is perhaps sounds eminating from the back/front of the engine.
nobody has come up with a maximum number of wav files per engine. Frankly nobody really seems to know. If they do they certainly keep quiet!! As there is very little in terms of advice, tutorials etc dealing with sound.cfg
I checked what the SDK told about the sound.cfg files and checked the Goose's sound.cfg, but didn't found any real bug. The only one was this:

It would be of course logical, that the file would be GGoos_RPM04_Left,
but changing the filename just changes the problem to a bit different one.

Has anyone some idea, what could cause this? :confused: :(
Yes, they did stuff up with the file name, it should be GGoos_RPM04_Left. Fixing this will though, only stop the revving engine problem in vc when switching from outside to vc.
The other issues are to do with mono/stereo wav files as I have note in this thread