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MSFS Sounds in MSFS Gauges

Anyone know how to make the gps : layInstrumentSound ("tone_caution") etc, work in MSFS
Must be more than just putting that single line in the gauge ???
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Can anyone point me in the right direction to get default Instrument gauge sounds (alarms etc) working in a custom js gauge ??
Haven't made any sounds yet but just looking at Sounds in the SDK it looks like you define your sounds in the sound.xml. You define the conditions that sound the play in sound.xml and not in your gauge. For example, from the SDK "SimVarSounds - Sounds in this category check the value of a simulation variable and play either when the variable changes, or when it reaches an specified interval."

Looking through the A320 sound.xml I can see a few entries for LocalVar so I guess you can set a local variable in your gauge and get that to trigger the sound in sound.xml.

But I don't know what gps : layInstrumentSound ("tone_caution") is or what context you are using it in so I'm just giving suggestions blind here.
gps: playInstrumentSound ("tone_caution") is something I spotted in an Asobo File, so I am assuming there is an gps : function, and that with , for example gps: layInstrumentSound ("tone_caution"), "sound_caution" is a MSFS sound that can be referenced by name.

Unfortunately, when I put gps : playInstrumentSound ("tone_caution") into my js gauge, that would get called under a specific condition, nothing happens, so it looks like its not that simple .
Which Asobo File? I still think you need to look at the sound.xml for that Asobo aircraft and see if there is a matching tone_caution entry because it looks to me like the sound.xml is where all the sounds are defined.
Necro alert, but I've just got around to worrying about Sound in the plane I'm working on, so looking at this.

Main comment: recommended starting point for fundamental HTML/JS questions is asobo-vcockpits-instruments/html_ui/Pages/VCockpit/Instruments/Shared/BaseInstrument.js (which is the parent you sub-class to create your own HTML/JS instrument. Along with all the other fundamental methods such as Update() and onInteractionEvent(_args) it has:

    playInstrumentSound(soundId) {
        if (this.isElectricityAvailable() && this.getGameState() == GameState.ingame) {
            Coherent.call("PLAY_INSTRUMENT_SOUND", soundId);
            return true;
        return false;


    onSoundEnd(_event) {

I'm assuming the soundId has to match a <Sound> entry in sound/sound.xml.

So you could test this either with Coherent.call directly, or (my preference) use playInstrumentSound(soundId). You can override isElectricityAvailable() { return true; } if that's a possible issue.
I join this interesting discussion for another question: I could successfully play a sound from my instrument as soon as it was defined as an avionic sound (in the <AvionicSound> section of the sound.xml file).
But there are other sounds I would like to play and they are not defined as avionic sounds. For example, the A320 PTU sound (WwiseEvent="ptu_on"). When I try to play it nothing happens. I tried to modify the sound.xml and move this sound in the avionic section but it didn't work... Any idea to make this work?
Eric sorry to necro this thread but can you paste the actual code from your gauge and the sound XML file where you "successfully play a sound from my instrument"?

Can you use the <AvionicSound> section without creating your own WWise soundbank or importing the entire multi-MB soundbank.PCK from another plane into your project?
Sorry for the late reply, I didn't get any notification and I see your question only now.
If it is still useful, here is my code, very simple:


where 'this.parentInstrument' is a sub-class of BaseAirliners.

Obviously, it works because this "tone_caution" is defined in sound.xml:

<!-- AvionicSounds ========================================================================================== -->
    <Sound WwiseData="true" WwiseEvent="tone_caution" ViewPoint="Inside" NodeName="Screen_MFD_L"/>
    <Sound WwiseData="true" WwiseEvent="tone_warning" ViewPoint="Inside" NodeName="Screen_MFD_L"/>
    <Sound WwiseData="true" WwiseEvent="tone_altitude_alert_default" ViewPoint="Inside" NodeName="Screen_MFD_L" />     


It works in the A320. I tried to do the same in my won aircraft that uses the standard 747 sound set and it doesn't work. I don't know why...

Hope this helps.