FS2004 Sounds like I'm in a flap!?!


Greetings Gentlemen.

I'm not sure whether what I'm asking is more applicable to a gauge or an effect.

What I am certain of, is that it would have to be XML related and according to my limited grasp of the subject, would need to be event-related.

What am I up to now? :D

Well, I am working on the soundset for a beautiful new aircraft among the Avia fleet over at Sim-outhouse with that most talented of Gentlemen; Milton Shupe. (Incidently, a whole host of fsdeveloper folk are regulars over there too!).

The Avia aircraft in question has a multie-stage flap system.
Nothing new here.
What is unique, is that flap system utilizes an inboard pair of split flaps which only drop from stage 2 of flap deployment.

What we are trying to create is a specific 'rumbling/vibrational sound' which would come into play for the entire duration of the flap when in use from stage 2 onwards. Not only its lowering, which would of course make things easier.

The 'noise' would also be highly undesirable if deployed at ground level/zero airspeed so I guess airspeed min/max would be an important event paramter involved in the coding.

So if some kind soul would give a little guidance towards attaining these goals, appreciation would be an understatement.

Many thanks in advance for any light shed on the above.

Best Regards,
Nigel (Greece).