Southwest Florida International Airport

Work has started on the airport in Ft Myers. This will be AceWindDesigns first FREEWARE scenery. It took a long time before determining if we should go through with it. So far we have a team of two guys working on the important elements of the airport.

Our goal is to make an eye popping HD scenery. With a few new features that you don't usually find in most scenery.

This project is a much more of laid back project, meaning we do not have a deadline. We are hoping to have time to experiment and try new things along the way.

If you would like to join the team click here
(not payed)
Hi Chris,

While I salute your efforts and I am certainly a huge fan of freeware - FYI - LatinVFR has KRSW - perhaps you might want to consider something we don't have ??? Either way - I'll appreciate anything you care to produce... Best of luck...


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When I started work on this project back in 2015, I had not heard of LatinVFR's KRSW scenery up to that point. A few months later I heard of their release of the same airport. So after that I took a long time deciding whether to continue with the project or not. And after a few months of thinking I finally decided to go ahead with the project, because we have put so much work into it, and after hearing of the development of the new runway, I felt that it would be a great learning experience for us, and a great update for KRSW flyers. Yes it's sad, but it has lots of potential, and it's FREE!

If you have any suggestions for airports in the future please let me know. I know it's kind of early, but I want an idea in my head of what I'm going to be doing.
Hi Chris,

Sounds great and totally understand - I know about blood sweat and tears invested in freeware... The initial post I took as you guys were just starting out - my apologies...

Personally - I like the Charlie's, Delta's, and uncontrolled fields that are off the beaten track a bit... It's really hard to suggest something - as I know the effort required and I know I have to be personally vested in a project to dedicate the required time... KSHD is a rather busy uncontrolled field that has lots of jet traffic in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley VA... Albany NY for a Charlie and Punta Gorda in FL for a Delta...

Best of luck !!!


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KPIE :scratchch

Good suggestion, I really like flying into PIE, but I wish there was a scenery for it. I will put this under serious consideration. Any other suggestions?
We will do any airport that the majority wants(Except maybe a big airport like KORD, or EGLL, we will leave that to the professionals.) So we are totally not ruling out KFXE:)
Yep - sorely miss Vauchez's most excellent FS9 KPVD Flight Zone 1 !!! KPVD would be high on my list as well...


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