Specialized forum for OPT?

Hi to all. Is there a special forum - or a sub one - to deal with OPT? I have detected some very strange behaviors from this very powerful tool: ghost scenery objects appearing hundreds of feet above the object actually placed (fuel station, control tower), buildings place with ADE which appear in FSX but have disappeared from ADE, GoToObject that sends you miles away from the object you want to go to, etc.
I am not thinking of bugs (which would be hopelessly devoid of a solution) but rather of "undocumented features", either in ADE (all those compiling advanced options) or in OPT (i.e.: the unchecked Locked option to be able to move an object around). And I am not complaining: I envy - and admire -those guys who wrote all these nice tools for free to make our life so much easier... sometimes. Best.