Spokane International Airport (KGEG)

This is amazing!!!

I've been waiting for a good Geiger rendition for years! I used to Command a Field Artillery Battery for the WAARNG there. The Infantry Battalion was also located there years ago, but have sinced moved to a new facility. We used to have a bunch of old Marsden Matting in the parking lot behind our building that butted up next to the taxiway.

Can't wait to see more progress :)
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Thanks for the enthusiasm guys..

I continue to work on this at my own pace, which means things are slow. Regardless of speed, I do feel like I'm making progress and I now feel like a have a good "solid footing" on this project. I do plan to make this mesh with Orbx PNW, but I still need to contact them about some things.

Making all the tire streaks and ware for the taxiways is proving to be difficult. Most of my problems involve trying to hide the seams between the textures. The best method I have found for curbing the problem is to align things very precisely.

It's a very small preview, but I guess it's better than nothing! WIP!!
Will you be doing a photoreal area around the airport?
I'd suggest just tossing in some aircraft models at the gates for those of us who don't use traffic, such as what ORBX does with airports like Jackson or Bozeman.
I may expand the photoreal area to include a couple of major interchanges near airport. This would mainly be in the interest of those who do not own Orbx PNW, where blending the photoreal scenery with default is harder.

I do hope to include some static aircraft. Especially several business jets hanging around the executive terminal. I think these models will wait until towards the end of the project because they are so time consuming to create.
If I'm correct ORBX Spokane includes some landmarks so it may be worth just skipping those and releasing the airport when you finish it and have some static models. You should go post this at the ORBX forums, they'ed love to see this.
What kind of FPS do you get just taxing around like when you were in the skymaster?
If you own something like the NGX, what do you get in that?
That's one day time texture down! Hoping my scratch made textures make the cut..


Still need to kill the grass around it, but here's a raw export into the sim:




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This building looks really nice.
I tried blender before and then I switched back to Gmax.
I think whatever works for you is the best.