Start up wav overlaps prop sound effects

Hey guys, I'm new to this sound stuff. I have a basic understanding of how to use FSSS.

I have set up my sound files. Trying to do some edits on the 441 Conquest by flysimware.
Just a project to learn stuff.

I have followed the tutorial in FSSS. I believe I understand everything on setting up the files and links.

Here is my issue. I used the RealAir Turbine Duke as a guide, Pretty much all engines sounds were in a prop section.

This is where I'm adding my files as well.
I have my starter,lightoff, and shutdown sounds. Everyhting looks fine in FSSS and the sound.cfg.

OK, then I have a wav that is basically the RPM idling at 70%.
Then I add a wav file, that does an increase in pitch(trying to emulate selecting the condition levers from Start/idle, to Takeoff.
I then have a wav that is the takeoff Condition lever sound.
Finally I have a takeoff power wave. I don't have anything in the combustion section right now.

Here's my issue, the starter wav plays fine. Then the lightoff wav will kick in fine initially; but when I get lightoff on the engine; then the other prop sounds will play in succession all the way up to max takeoff power; then reverses the sounds back to the idle at 70% sound.

After the lightoff wav finishes, it will settle down to the idle@70% wav. When I increase the condition levers to Takeoff, I get the increase RPM sound fine. Finally as I increase throttle, I will get the increase in RPM to takeoff power. That seems to be working/sounding OK.

The main issue, when playing the engine lightoff wav, after lightoff, all the prop events will play, till the liightoff wav is finished.

I'm sure this is on me. I'm at a loss as to why everything is playing all at once when the engine is spooling up after lightoff.

The Max Prop RPM is 2000. I adjusted the aircraft config to reflect this, as well as the min gov RPM, and Max NG.

I then used the RPM slider in FSSS to determine where my 70% RPM would be located. This is approx. 1400RPM on the scale. This was my baseline for arranging the sounds.

Anybody have any ideas that may shed some light on this issue?

Any insight appreciated.



Resource contributor
Hi David! :wave:

I'm sorry that I know nothing about sound files in FS at all. We depend on a few people who 'specialize' in sound systems to create our sound packs at Milviz. I wish I could help... :oops: