FSX Starting out with Library Creator - no luck

Well, I installed Library Creator XML, read through the tutorial, and followed it step by step to make a library. I also had it create an XML file for RWY12 to use. But so far I can not make any of the 2 items I put in the library (the animated wind tower, and a water tower for which I downloaded the MDL files) work in either SBX or RWY12. They each give me error messages, one of which was a JIT Compiler Runtime Error about a page long.

After that, RWY12 failed to place any of the objects I normally am able to place, even after restarting it and restarting FSX. I have rebooted the PC and am testing the normal placing of objects in RWY12 with which I am familiar. FSX is taking far longer than usual to load the program, and WAY FAR longer than usual to load the flight which I use to put me where I am experimenting.

For some reason I can place "some" of the RWY12 library objects, but not others?? The results seem random. I even moved the Static Scenery folder to the top of the list (that is where I put my placed scenery object BGL and XML files). Sometimes the scenery will cange after RWY12 writes the BGL file, and sometimes it won't Even restarting FSX doesn't matter. But I just finished some testing with SBX, and everything I olaced, using RWY12 scenery library items, works. So apparently whatever is wrong is in issue with RWY12 and not FSX (thankfully!). I'll try re-installing RWY12. But the bottom line seems to be that the library file I made with Library Creator XML doesn't work.

When I downloaded the MDL file of a red checkered water tower, it came with texture files. There is no mention whatsoever in the tutorial on Library Creator XML about textures, or what to do with them. I put them in the textures folder of the Static Scenery Objects where I was saving the created library, thinking that would be correct. But the water tower object will not work, even tapping it from within SBX. So I must have missed something in the library creation.:confused:


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The Library Creator XML manually only explains how to make a library BGL with the tool. It does not discuss how to install the library and the textures (that is consider common knowledge). But you need to put the textures in the texture folder of the scenery folder where you put the library BGL.

I haven't used Rwy12 for ages, so I am not sure if I can help you with problems in that tool. But did you say you get an error message in Library Creator XML as well? What step were you performing when you got the error and what is the message?