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I use Lithunwrap, it can create a wire mesh bitmap of the mapped parts, it not only helps when creating your base textures, it also shows if the parts have been mapped correctly, here's an example showing my Lear 35 wing & horizontal stablizer.

Wing Wire Mesh.jpg


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The great thing about LithUnwrap is the bitmap produced of your mapping is pixel-perfect. There’s no nagging doubts over whether you scaled or positioned things just right. I used it for all the Gmax templates I ever made. :teacher:
I think I have the texturing worked out now. I also completely remodeled the aircraft and I like it much better. I was way more accurate the 2nd go around. I also got the wing root added though I'm not totally satisfied with it. I'm now going to move on to animations. Thank you for your help. Here is what I have now. It's textured in white at the moment.