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FSX Still problem with the island

In yet another mini scenery project I have an airport I am modifying. This airport is right on the coast (perpendicular). There is a small island just offshore that I also wanted to manipulate to make it more like the real one.

I did the following

a) Within my project a KML folder called "The Island", Therein the following
items (see b and onwards)
b) A square polygon (just about the size of the island) tagged Exclude__WaterPolys
c) The same poly from (B) but tagged Hydro Polygons Generic Perennial Ocean
d) Polygon hole with the form of the island
e) a copy of (D) but tagged Shorelines Generic Ocean
f) a copy of (D) but tagged LandClass Poly Grass (until I find something more appropiate).

What happens is that just offshore there is now a large piece of ground created :( [not what I intended] and the boundary between this phantom ground and the real ground (the coastal shoreline) there is some water running, it is part of the original shoreline but I don't know why that happens.

And then finally within that large part of phantom ground I can see my small square polygon (from step B) filled with water and therein my little island.

How can I have the original water come back to where it was, still have my island and NOT have to modify the original coastal shoreline?
The ocean texture comes in tiles. It's quite possible that your exclude poly overlaps two tiles and your new water poly is not big enough to cover two missing ocean tiles. If you've been really unlucky, you have four ocean tiles removed.
The solution is to make your new water polygons big enough to cover the unwanted land.
As it happens what I just did was to remove the small water polygon that was the same size as the square exclude hydro polygon.

Then instead of that I managed to eliminate th entire phantom landmass by using the LOD Extent Calculator with LOD9 to create the polygon tagged with perennial ocean water. Now my island is there (though I have not managed to raise it above sea level, it shows flat even with altitude of 10 meters) and eliminate the shores so that they don't show.

I am still having the weird error with the resampler though, might be related to this problem.