P3D v4 Stock only showing.No categories.Missing aircraft in Vehicles_Aircraft.bgl

Hi,hope someone can help.Using Prepar3dv4..Noticed lately that ADE seems to have lost it's categories.Now only shows stock and nothing else in drop-down. IMG_20190613_224721.jpg

Next problem is it seems to have lost some of the Vehicles_Aircraft.bgl.Went looking for the DC3 and is nowhere to be found.Then noticed no 747 or 737 and a few others are missing IMG_20190613_224754.jpg

Funny thing is I made a scenery just before Christmas and put the DC3 in.All good back then.When I check that scenery now it shows the DC3,As a square box even when draw detailed footprint is checked IMG_20190613_224629.jpg ,but when i go to library object placement it does not show the DC3 so i can no longer place it.Confusing to say the least.I have fully un-installed,removed all files and re-installed ADE but still the same result.Did find a previous thread that suggested
  • Find the two files adeObjectList.dat and adeObjectList_base.dat. Rename each of them change .dat to .dnu
    • Next open the FSX folder inside the ADE main installation
    • Find the two files adeObjectList.dat and adeObjectList_base.dat.
    • Copy them into the P34 Folder
    • Start ADE again in P3D v4 mode
  • Doesn't seem to be working this time.
Sorry for poor picture quality.Taken on phone camera
Any help would be great.Cheers,Marcus


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Hello Marcus..

For which version of Prepar3D is this for (v4.3, v4.4 or v4.5)? Also, what version of ADE are you using? There is a "BETA" (the latest, but not to be used for production ) here. You might want to place your question there - this section is for FSDS.
Hey Doug.Thanks for replying.Wasn't to sure where to post this so started here. Prepar3d v4.5 so latest .ADE,I updated to 1.76 yesterday via the update module in ADE although the problem still exists.Uninstalled and reinstalled1.75 no change.Same after update..Not sure what to do now.Plow ahead with only what I can see.I really don't want to go through uninstalling and reinstalling Prepar3d. Reckon I've already done that 5 or 6 times since I got it in July last year.LOL.Beta version, but not to be used for production Does that mean Here's basic update with bugs,test and when all is fixed will release as full version.Sorry about a bit of a go around in explanation.Think I'm a little bit off today.lol.