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Stolen models are sold , this is what this world is now may you didn't want to know.

Today I got a report about this video .
The main what they are saying is MO textures guys are stealing and selling .

But also if see careful ,the guys says that MO textures PMDG 777-300ER MOD is mine and saying they stoled.
Wait ... Did this guy got a permission from PMDG to make a mod and release?
I don't think they gave those and PMDG itself is saying at the forum illegal.
Looks like this modifier is thinking if modified will be his since using a word mine.

No it is not , even modified , every parts , even a tire , gear has the rights.
So won't be modifiers .
Do the things at a correct process ,contacting and getting a permission is a must!

Stupid things but needs to remember what is happening at this world now.
I asked Arno can I post here or not and got a permission so posting.

Thanks for reading.
We need a fair world.
Your welcome , really was thinking should I or not and Arno said post here.
Really thanks Arno.
Wanted to share what really is happening.


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This is a good post. There is a huge difference between examining an aircraft or scenery to learn a process in making your own content, and simply stealing content for your creation. Even the stock MSFS objects are copyrighted by Asobo or Microsoft. Learning to model and program is the way to go. Hopefully that's what we're doing here.
This is their facebook page.
Even reported at copyright violation , facebook ignores.
If posted on their group they use number of accounts and report as hate and make facebook stop that account for a while(It happened).
So will recommend not to post there.

The pattern known is when write want , they will respond send request by a message and when send , they will say the price.
See there is even a things Product list there.
And at the top of this year saying SALE!

They are perfectly selling those.
They also have
And also their main is hidden in discord.
And see how evil guys using the great tool Arno made.
Those are another truth of how the great tools are used by evils.

From the research seems they didn't use that in the end but showed like that.
Saying we gonna do it !!! like that.

Stop feeding those criminals are needed.
Also to a guys modify models, do it after get the permission. if want to release.
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I remember having a conversation about this topic a while back. Unfortunately there will always be people without a conscience about these kinds of things.

If posted on their group they use number of accounts and report as hate and make facebook stop that account for a while(It happened).

Looks like they play dirty. I almost wish ddos'ing websites wasn't illegal when it comes to issues like this.
Yes they are quite dirty players.

What I know is they started as a texture making group but they re-uploaded the Copyright Violating SAAD planes even after SAAD group itself stopped and took off.
Seems SAAD A350-1000 appeared after SAAD group is stopped so may be they got the creator inside or someone modded those ?

And after that Selling models modded by adding PBR to a FSX models , even claim what they say is like "You guys are bad just don't make , we have the justice to do"
They don't mind and keep doing those and selling .
Now many model has a PBR models and not much more to do.

They started putting hands to modding paywares and sell.
Now quite famous is
PMDG 737 MAX MOD = PMDG 737 + X-Plane's payware 737MAX's wing and engine.
PMDG 777-300ER MOD = as said at the video they took from those Copyright Violated Modding guys (They should be identified as a same type of modders.)
Aerosoft/FSL A320Neo mod = Aerosoft A320 + engines from X-Plane world.
AerosoftA330+SAAD A330 wing and engine =Aerosoft A330NEO

And remember MO Texture guys are SELLING those.
This means for example A320Neo's market got less for the paywares.
Possibility of having a good add-on to the world got less.
They chewed our future.

They never minded about copyrights , they are much more then a theif should call them copyright terrorists.

We creator should mind more that those kind of guys are on the world.

And also Modders (The guys who modify) Must do things under the rules.
A simple rule , even written at the Model ConverterX Get Permission of the original author if want to release.

If do it correct , will be welcomed.
If not , it's just same as MO Texture guys.
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