Stopping animation?

1. I have a few older model payware aircraft that automatically have a cargo loader, (captainsim 757, and skysim md 10 and 11) and stairs appear and go to work as soon as I open the doors. Now that I purchased fsdreamteam gsx I want this to stop. 2. Also i have a cargo plane that i dont know what on the keyboard will open the main cargo door. Using model converter by scruffy duck i found the main door has animation and is capable of opening i just dont know how. Any help would be awesome.


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First, ModelConverterX (MCX) is written by Arno, not scruffyduck.

1. If this is FSX or later, you can Import the aircraft into MCX, find the part in the Hierarchy Editor, and check out what the animation name is. Then in the Animation Editor select that animation, move the slider to place the object into it's desired position (if needed), and Fix the Animation. Then Export it again.

2. In the Hierarchy Editor, click on SceneGraphNodes until you find the door turn red (check the Highlight Selected box) Look at the Animation section on the right, and it should specify what controls it. The animation may be in that SceneGraphNode, or in a part below that.

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That can't be true, since the latest version is If you mean 1.3 then that is too old - you would need the latest development release to do that.
Ok you are right I have 1.3 . But where do I get version then? The was and is AI Aircraft This one is the only one I can actually bring the aircraft up in the model viewer. In model converter version 1.3 I don't know which folder to click on to bring the aircraft up. I have tried all of them in the aircraft folder including the CFG file.
Ok an update on this. I stopped the animation of my stairs and loaders by making the paint of each clear or opaque. I still can get my cargo door to open. Shift e or shift e +2,3,4 does not work. Can anyone help.