P3D v4 Stops immediately with message

Now I discovered the following:
Each time I try to tick V4 it shows the message and abends.
Then I went trying working with v3 ticketed. I can add AI-aircraft to a plan from my AI-aircraftfolder. As soon as I try to add one directly ouit of the V4-aircraftfolder, the message appears and that aircraft is not added.
Then compiling that v3-flightplan works well.
Then after restart of V4 to let the new traffic.bgl be added to the active scenery, the traffic works perfectly, all 6 planes from the plan show up. See screenshot
Does this help looking into the cause of the error?



Resource contributor
Piet, I think its time to go back to "square-1".

The problem with reading addon.cfg files is resolved in Development Release 3.2.09 (m). If you are not using that development release, please do so.

That problem has nothing to do with adding aircraft into flightplans.. So, if you have an issue in that regard, it is an entirely different problem.

So, let's go back to the beginning. Tell me what you are trying to do, the symptoms and what you have done to that point.

Now it seems to be allright. I installed 3.2.09 again, now especially paying attention to Development release.
Then I also made the Prepar3D-folder unaccessable (by renaming).
Then I started AIFP and only the V4 choice button was present and on.
Then opening, editing and compiling existing ai-plans went well.
So end of the search for a solution.
Thanks for your patience and tips.


Resource contributor
Thanks for the confirmation. Generally, its a good idea to use development releases, especially when a problem you are experiencing is being worked on.