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FSX Strange FSX Display Issue

I have FSX Deluxe(SP2) and FSX-SE on the same machine (Win10/64) and use Lua scripts with FSUIPC to display things like a/c checklists, selection menus, etc. In FSX when I activate a script to display a list of items I can see the list 'grow' in size, e.g., 10 short lines of info do not flash on the screen as a single display unit as expected, but instead you can see the list grow or scroll down (as if quickly pulling down a window shade), and sometimes there is jitter as the list builds. Once complete the display is stable, and any sublists displayed by making a selection from the original list display instantly as a single unit as expected. In FSX-SE, however, when running exactly the same scripts all displays appear instantly as a single unit, there is no scroll down effect, everything works as expected. I have experimented a bit with different Nvidia display drivers to no avail, and since FSUIPC simply passes the info for dispIay to simconnect I have tried reinstalling the three versions of SimConnect associated with FSX Deluxe, but the problem persists. My account is admin, UAC is off, and FSX is elevated to 'run as administrator'.
Thanks for any ideas,
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Did ask Pete Dowson about it on the FSUIPC forum a few days ago. He said FSUIPC just passes the info to be displayed directly to SimConncect, and really didn't have any other ideas. I'd like to blame it on Win10 updates, but can't really do that since this doesn't happen with FSX-SE on the same machine.
Maybe something is messed up in the interface between Sinmconnect and Win10. Perhaps reinstalling part of FSX, like SP2, is worth a shot?


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In any case, you're most likely not finding help for this in the gauge development forum.

P.S: FSXSE has its own SimConnect client. (SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\FSX\SDK\Core Utilities Kit\SimConnect SDK\lib)
I'm aware of FSX-SE's own SimConnect. However, others using these scripts in FSX do not see the same display delay effect I do, so there's something going on in my install of FSX.
I have posted this issue in a number of other forums with no response, so also just posted here because of the high level of experience and expertise here.
Time to try a reinstall I think.
Thanks for the responses,
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