Strange green spikes/mounds surrounding runway

Compiled Charles De Gaulle following tips & instructions on the internet. Everything's fine except when I landed there was green grassy looking spikes/mounds surrounding the runway.

Any advice?
I might have guessed, that's why you have a problem, it was only designed for FSX, this is why these lines were put in the readme:

This is an accurate and up-to-date version of Charles De Gaulle Intl Airport and made only for FSX, do not use in P3D:
Please Note: There is no support if used in P3D.

this saves people wasting their time trying to solve issues when opening and working from a BGL as you will lose a lot of Data that only the ad4 holds............................

Robert Catherall made a perfectly good version of LFPG for P3D using my ad4 file i gave him, why cant you use that version?
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Hello Ray,

Sorry to dig up an older thread, but it is very relevant to an issue I've encountered.

I am using Robert's file, but he has included dynamic lights that, for some reason, are VERY performance heavy. I am not sure why as so many of my other P3D sceneries with dynamic lights are fine. However, when I try to decompile Robert or your files, many of the libraries don't wind up in the resulting BGL with 1.78 of ADE. I notice this behavior in LFPG, RJAA, and others.

I contacted Robert, but he doesn't seem to be making these sceneries any longer.