FS2004 Strange lines in ground polygons....need help

I created ground texture with 60 titled photos .But after UVW Map all photo to the editable polygons and export to .BGL file, I got some strange lines in the border of each titled photo . Please look at my attached pics and let me know how to fix it .
Thanks a lot


They look like the lines were your ground polygons overlap or the UWV is slightly over the texture, xoom right in, in GMAX to the area to see if you have them, are the polygons oerlapping and these lines flicker ?
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Ok - You should have the UVW Mapping mod applied yes ?

If so then apply also the UVW Unwrap mod, click edt, it will bring up a screen showing your texture and also a white box with vertexes. That white box is your UVW map, make sure that the white box doesn't go outside the texture, keep it inside, not sure how clear that was but give it go !

You can always select the left hand vertices, then zoom right in on the UVW Unwrap and make sure that they don't overlap the texture sheet.