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Strange reapearing water

I am having some problems with the work I have created using FSXKML. I am correcting coastline by using a hydro poly exclude over a large are and then adding water (Legacy_LandWaterMask_Water_NoFlatten). When I fly low over the "Reclaimed Land" area squares of land (approx. 10m x 10m) turn into water. They sometimes turn back into land again. This only happens where there was water before. This happens on whatever computer runs the scenery. Could someone please help?!!! Not good after so much time spent drawing ploys!

For this matter I always use exclude hydropolygon, and add hydropolygon generic ocean perennial, and "usually"not fail, I must do the hydropolygon large enough to cover the entirely area (Lod something) I mean much more large in size that the exclude. FsxKml is very tricky.
yes, because is easy, but just certain zones, it's at choice, in some sceneries I have no put shorelines at all. you know the process, polygon exlude shorelines, and then add the path for the new shorelines, this issue never fail.:cool:
If you have the kml file yet with the polygons, you can load in fsxkml again and subsitute for new tags. to see what happen.
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Sometimes you need to split large or complicated water polys into smaller shapes for the sim to properly display them. Technically, all polys should be convex shapes, but the sim tires to figure out what you've drawn.
I think you where right, it's something to to with the shape or size of the polys. I think I have fixed it now, using a different shape and smaller polygons. Thanks