FSX Strange shadows over autogen


this will be quite hard to explain but let me try.

After making photoreal city in front of runway 12 at LJLJ airport, some houses are nicely bright while most of them behind some line are in some kind of a shadow.

This was done in many versions many times and the results is the same in any case.

added to the newly installed FSX
added with free LJLJ FSX scenery
autogen was made newly on some payware scenery with the same effect.

Here is an example, scenery made today from start with the same results as all previous versions.

Note the change on the roofs.

Any ideas why this happens?

Thank you!
Yes weather.
If that is set to unlimited, do you still have the same problem?
If that is the case then I am afraid you have to live with it.
Yes it was set to unlimited.

The line of "shadow" does not change - not during the day, not due to weather, it is just there :/