FSXA Substitute problem with aircraft choosing

sometimes it is necessary to substitute a aircraft within a flightplan. Unfortunately there is no possibility to choose a aircraft from path but only by title. I have often such problems with titles. Today I suffer again. I downloaded some AI aircrafts and gave them the title e.g. "4_GA Cirrus SR22 Private" and so on. 5 such titles I can find at "Select Substitute AI Title". The sixt title "4_GA Fokker F27 Air New Zealand" and 2 other F27 title are not listed. The search function with "Fokker" finds only other Fokker's.

Trying to add this aircraft to the aircraft list in my flightplan is no problem. I find the aircraft by 'Add Single Aircraft to List' and 'by Path' but not 'by Title.etc'. Choosing 'by Path' I find the aircraft folder and choosing one of the 3 possibilities of the aircraft titles: 4_GA Fokker F27 Air New Zealand.

I can't understand why? And is there no possibility searching by path when substituting?

If it is necessary to add a screenshot please tell me which.
Thank you.
Now I am a little wiser. I tried to include 'UI' by 'Select Substitute AI Title' . Now Fokker is listet! All other downloaded aircrafts have no panel, but the Fokker has a panel. Now I understand. I deleted the panel and substituting the F 27 is listed.
Sorry, but I haven't seen the panel.
Thank you Don for answering. This problem is solved.

Sometimes I don't know the full title and so I try the search function with a part of the title.
So e.g. I tried to find my "DHC6 Sea Otter AI Air Tindi"
1. with Otter > No matching aircraft found!
2. then with DHC6 > No matching aircraft found!
3. then with Sea Otter > No matching aircraft found!
4. then with Sea > No matching aircraft found!
5. then with Tindi > No matching aircraft found!
6. then finally with the full name DHC6 Sea Otter AI Air Tindi > now it is found!

Maybe I overtax the system. But sometimes it works with a part of the title.


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But sometimes it works with a part of the title
I'm surprised. I have not implemented such a feature.

I'm away from my development system for the next week. When I return, I'll take a look at this feature to see if a partial search is worthwhile.

I think that is a problem with all 'tools' that become more sophisticated and able to do more things still: the simplicity of their use at the beginning becomes more and more complicated with every new version and you wonder whether it would not be better to just go back to some previous version that did not include those extra's.
I had the same problem as Christian had and it took me a while to find out that it was only a matter of checking the 'UI' and then just scroll down until you find the aircraft what you were looking for.
But then again, I had more or less the same problem with my new car :).
Hi Don,
I mean if I search for Fokker I get more than one Fokker for example "AI F. 27 Airlines of New South Wales" regardles of no 'Fokker' in this title;), "AI F. 27 Ansett ANA" and so on but also my NAAI Fokker 50 Avianca. I have checked Title Only! So in this case I get some airplanes with a part of the title.


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Christian, having now returned I have taken a look at the substitution logic.

Perhaps it's the documentation that's deficient (though I don't know how I could make it clearer - in English - than it already is in Section 7.2 of the user manual). AIFP fully supports searching on partial words - using the standard Windows wildcard characters "*" and "?". (Without the wildcard characters, it's unlikely to return what you expected.) As well, of course, you've got to tell AIFP in which field to look.

Of course, that doesn't necessarily means it works in every situation. If you are still having problems, perhaps your could tell me exactly what was your search string and what AIFP returned.

Hi Don,
thank you again for answering. I am late because I returned from my vacation in Greece.
The documentation isn't deficient, I haven't read it enough:oops:.
I think my fault was searching only by title of a airplane and so I 've got problems with long titles. In the future it will be better searching by "texture=" or "atc_airline=" or "title" with wildcard and so on.
Surely this will finish my substitute-problems;)