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FSX Suddenly every single taxipath is missing lines - Links explorer says all ok

I'm at a loss.
Working on a big airport and suddenly I noticed that every taxi path has lost it's left and right solid lines.

I looked in the Taxi Links list and everything looks fine. Taxipaths that are basically invisible show everything set to show, but it's not.

The only place I still see any lines is at the points. can anyone point me in the right direction to fix this?

I think I figured it out.

Since I had no idea where to begin, I went looking for the LOG files. Couldn't find them...but....the search led me to the FSX folder under MFSF > FS Design Tools > Airport Design Editor > FSX

There I found a Settings.ini file

Scanning that file I found a setting under [TAXIPATHDRAWPROPERTIES] called showsurface......and it was set to FALSE. I changed it to TRUE and saved the file. Restarted and VOILA! All the surfaces were back.

I have no Earthly idea how it got set to FALSE since I didn't even know how to change it to FALSE.

Anyway.....II'm back in business. Maybe this will help someone down the road.

Thanks (me) ;-)
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You seem to be using an old version of ADE (1.67) - you will be better off to download the latest version.


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Select any taxipath. Right Click > Display Options


and you get this:


I guess you must have clicked into this by accident? If you haven't read the manual then it is worth a look: Section 5.2.4 on page 90