Suggestion: comment line

Hi Arno,
the Library Creator XML works lile a charm, thanks a lot.
A helpful addition would be to have the possibility to insert a comment line for object specific data.
An example: currently I create a ship library where I use a couple of FS9 ships with helipad. Unfortunately those helipads don't work in FSX so I manually have to add a "hardened surface" object with those ships. It would be convenient if I had the ship helipad data (size, altitude, relative position) stored in the Library Converter file for quick reference (like it's already done with the GUID).

BTW: is there a tool to convert aircraft mdl to scenery mdl? In old FS2002 days there was MDLtoBGL but I assume with FSX it doesn't work anymore...




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Hi Volker,

In FsX there is no difference between aircraft and scenery MDL files anymore. So I don't think a conversion would be needed.

About the suggestion. I'll take a look at that. The only problem with comment lines might be that it can be hard to figure out to which XML ModelData tag they belong, but I guess I could just assume the comment before the tag should be shown with that one.