Suggestion in how to proceed for a terrain modeling

Hi there,

I got a question for all of you about how would do you proceed to do the terrain of my project (A Coruña airport -LECO-). I'm a little bit stuck here...

What I want to do is a sloped runway, and I don't care about the AI traffic.

I thought about these options:

Option 1. Make a mesh with a 5 m resolution only for the airport and it¡s boundaries, as the mesh I have already install is not as accurate as it should be, because the runway has steps in the runway. But I'm very disappointed here, because I'm not able to compile it with resample (that's another issue that I would like to ask you if you recommend this option).

Option 2. Get the mesh grid from Global Mapper for the airport boundaries and import to 3Ds Max, texturize it and export as a MDL file. I think that Aerosoft Madeira X (and maybe many others) has been made by this process.

Option 3. Modify the mesh for the runway and airport facilities using polygons in SBuilderX using the Global Mapper data for the altitudes. I have already tested this, and the runway is a very bumpy, and I'm not pretty sure that it could be solved when I add the hard surface of the runway over the terrain.

Option 4. (????) Any new suggestion?

What I'm pretty sure is that I will need to make the runway, taxiways and platform in 3Ds Max for make a hard surface, but it will depend of which process I would follow for make the terrain. That's step number 2.

Hi, well it could be more simple, I used Ade for the sloped terrain (editing the vertices) and a polygon wit a blender modificator to get the sloped runway. It will more easy if the runway have a flat or leveled area, what is difficult is to calculate the inclination of the polygon to match that of the Ade terrain. Fsx is not very accurate to get the altitudes, but by trial and error can be achieved, something that is important, how to create the taxlines markings on the sloped runway, very difficult with lofting method. here is where I failed. the lines never will be in the correct altitude. better you paint them in your project. any way in my case was great because the runway and the mesh match perfectly. greetings and good luck it is needed too. :cool:
For the hard surface you just need load the runway polygon in MCX and attach there the hard surface. you have to take into account that the polygon is sloped. so have to adjust the values of the attaching tool. as said before this process can be very straightforward if you no get stuck in the terrain runway slope matching, that could be.
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Mmmm... ok, I understand what you say, and it's similar what I've already tried with SbuilderX. I have to try if I'm able to fix the bumpy effect in the runway adding a 3D model over the terrain.

The hard surface was not the problem, as I have already done helicopter platforms in the past, so I know how to work with this, but my problem was the mesh I have.

Gracias por la respuesta Bernardo.
Don't understand the "bumping effect" in the runway part. if the runway is hardsurface and the "sloped flatten terrain" match in the scenery don¡t should be bumpy effects here. But you could try modeling all the scenery tarrain and runway all together of course. but indeed what is good in one case could not fit for another project. there are many variables.
I dind't try to add the runway yet, as I'm working in the terrain for the moment, so the bumpy effect appears due the default dirt for the ground. I just tested the photoscenery runway and excluding all aprons, runways and taxiways with an aircraft to know if this method may work, and to see if the terrain was sloped flatten enough.

But I know now that it should be fixed with the hard surface :)
Right, and as said before maybe because the local terrain characteristics this method didn't work. you almost have to follow the profile given by the mesh. the mesh should show how the runway is. and you apply a flatten to get rid of the bumps..Good luck with Galicia.

If you are trying to eliminate the dirt and dust effects and/or bumpy terrain effects seen during groundroll of the user aircraft wheels over photoreal textures (...which occurs regardless of whether there is a underlying terrain "flat - level" or "flat - sloped" flatten polygon), you may wish to review this info: :idea:

IMHO, it would be preferable to try the above SCASM "ground smoothing" tweak before resorting to use of a "ground hardening" attribute in ones textured 3D RWY model, as using a hardened concrete attachpoint attribute for a textured ground polygon (aka "G-Poly") may adversely impact FS run time rendering performance at highly detailed airports with longer RWYs. ;)

Hope this helps ! :)

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Hi Gary GB,

Thank you very much for your answer. I haven't got too much time these days for answer you and try your suggestion. I will look after that tomorrow and I will try not to go crazy with SCASM.

Probably is not as difficult as it appears now to me, but it's hard to me to understand all this stuff for the first time.

Thank you again.


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