Suggestion: Minor restructuring of the forum


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The change has been made.

I've also added more thread prefixes for specific tools, but multiple prefixes are not supported, so it's either the version or the tool prefix.


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I don’t like this new reorganization. :confused:
I think that, because of its specifics, "Aircraft modeling" should remain as a separate forum in the "Aircraft design" group.


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Sorry Rick, I cannot agree with your notion of how people get involved in development
and then go on to agree
I’ve been around this site long enough to know aircraft modelling is the poor cousin in terms of coverage and frequency of posts
There is no suppression, the frequency of posts is not because of the organization of the site, it is actually as simple as the fact that people post when they want to. People more or less like me, actually, in the paragraph below. We will see that, in the days and years to come, these suppressed aircraft developers will no longer feel intimidated and start populating the new categories and if they don't, at least my words about newcomers can serve as some sort of testament.

That's cool and all, how you dove right into airplanes and it is clear that you've been very good at it, otherwise you'd understand what I'd been referring to. Some of us, presumably besides me - or the former structure of the site artificially suppressed people more like you, Tom - some are already intimidated by learning textures, .mdl files, rendering, etc and are not immediately prepared to add flap animations, gauges, engine torque curves, etc, to our first flight sim project. So ya, congratulations!
I don't usually chime in on stuff like this, but it is a subject that... as someone looking for answers or just even a clue or something... has been on my mind recently.

I have been dabbling with various aspects of FSX and now P3D development for a few years now and although I really do appreciate the information and even more so, development tools available here.
I started getting interested in the development side of things because I wanted to create/change things that were basically up to me to do, as nobody else was likely to do them.
I got into ADE because I wanted to add a couple of missing navaids. Then I got into SbuilderX because I wanted to add some scenery that wasn't available anywhere. Then I started learning how to do repaints, so I could fly planes my dad flew in Vietnam. Then I got into ModelConverterX because I wanted to try to convert some airplanes that weren't in P3D. Then, the professional developer who graciously helped me learn about texturing, got me interested in last year I started learning how to use Blender. It's a slippery slope that seems to get steeper and steeper ......and my wife is not necessarily happy that I've become hooked on it. To me it's like making models and dioramas when I was younger, but without all the paint, fumes and mess.

I really hope to see more posts regarding Blender. I think it's a great tool and it's easy to set up and with the Blender2FSX add-on you can make some really cool stuff with it...and even better, it's free.
Because it is easier to learn than GMAX and 3dSMax, I think it will get more people interested in developing models for FSX, P3D and FS2020.

Now, the following is meant to be purely constructive.........but I have always found this site to be a bit confusing. Everything had a sort of "mixed together" feeling. In the past, when I was trying to figure out how to do something or why something wasn't working for me, I usually searched with many different search terms and waded through pages and pages of stuff that wasn't much help......only to find a post or two where someone asked exactly or something similar to what I was looking for, but their question went unanswered. I'm not going to ask a question that was already asked, but went unanswered, so I just continued looking elsewhere. So probably 30% to 40% of what I have learned about ADE, SbX and MCX so far has been directly from this site. The rest was from post on other web sites. To be honest, the only reason I saw this thread was because I was looking for info about an issue I am having with an airport I'm trying to convert with ADE and it had a link to a post here ....which didn't end up having the answer I was looking for.

I know that for some, change can be hard to deal with.... especially for those who know exactly where they need to go to get what they want.
But I think the organizational changes to the site will make it easier for new people to find the information they seek.