P3D v2 Supressing sounds associated with user vehicles

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I've been slowly working on what I guess could be called a pilotable marine observation camera with some marine related gauges for navigation. However even though the Sound folder for it is empty, several default sounds are still present that distract from the purpose. Rushing wind sounds, water sounds for example. They tend to obscure the sounds of my AI boats for example.

Does anyone have a simple way to suppress all such sounds associated with a user vehicle?
(All possible effects that can be used in the aircraft.cfg are associated with the dummy effect, so that's not the answer.)

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To not play the default sounds you would open the sound CFG file from your aircraft folder and assign those default sounds to a custom sound file that plays nothing. Create a 2 second sound file that has no sound.
Thanks for this! My mistake with this and a couple of other vehicles was just deleting the sounds (using FSSS) rather than creating a dummy sound and referencing that. Using a dummy file and editing the .cfg file directly, there is now only one unneeded sound remaining which I can fix if I can just figure out for sure what it's related to. (I used the FSX DHC2 sound.cfg file and replaced every instance of filename= [name ] with filename= [my dummy file])
Hi Gary,

I'd forgotten about this: the remaining sound is the wave sound that one hears when a floatplane is taxiing. I wonder if it's hard coded into the behavior of what the sim regards as floats based on the contact point type.
Hi Larry:

It has been a while since I tinkered with this one, but, IIRC, one might wish to also set the "Flags" attribute to "1" for Ground Sounds in Sound.Cfg: :idea:


AFAIK, Flags=1 will disable a mixed-in "Ground" attribute sound for a [sub-section] of Sound.Cfg separately from any discrete 'filename={WAV file}' already disabled.

FYI: I had not yet studied this poorly-documented Sound.Cfg inter-relationship at the time of my reply to this previous related thread (...with some helpful links): :oops:


Also, here is yet another obscure way of configuring sound for a SimObject's type of "Ground" contact:


(...The OP's original thread and method):



PS: Do you have any 3rd party sound gauges / utilities running (ex: "Accufeel") ?


Hope this might prove helpful to achieving your current objective. :)

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AFAIK, Flags=1 will disable a mixed-in "Ground" attribute sound for a [sub-section] of Sound.Cfg separately from any discrete 'filename={WAV file}' already disabled.
Thanks Gary! Simple when you know where to look. Doing the above works. No unwanted sounds now.
That's an interesting idea Gary! If I'm careful, I can tweak my routes so the boats stop within a few inches of what are called the 'wing walls'. If I allowed a crash box to be set, the boat would do it's AI avoidance routine. But if I hardened the wing walls.... I wonder what would happen. If that would work, to make it even more cool I can record the actual sound. :)

Only the completely nutty would ever try something like this.
It is fun seeing FS become "as real as it gets" in a number of ways, thanks to innovative and enduring development efforts; keep up the great work, Larry ! :)