Sus Scrofa SS-4P converted for MS Flight

Hello Flight Friends,i converted SS-4P with Toolkit 1.1.30 from FSX to MS Flight! So far so good,after some work manualy it`working fine. It have strong Performance,that means faster like P 51 and climb up to over 60.000 ft! It have the Sound of Maule with a higher rpm and it sounds very nice(outside and inside with Cockpit View) Propeller,Flaps,Gear,Lights(always on) and all Steering controls working perfect. There are to Pilots in Cockpit,they are moving Heads to the side wich you are steering.You can open Doors too,only left or left and right together(Buttons on Keyboard O or I+O) OK,now what`s not working:panel is dark,no Instruments to see,Steering Wheel and Pedals are moving but no contact points on it for steering about Cockpit mode! Second Problem: If you fly in Multiplayer with two SS-4P,you can see a 3 Pilot(our MS Flight Pilot) who is standing on the Roof of the other Plane,not on your own Plane! Maybe a Pic with Cockpit View too
Maybe someone can help me,how to make Cockpit and Panel funtionaly and how i can remove the 3. Pilot or maybe the two others in Cockpit! Thanks very much,best regards,Steff
Hi BergSpreu69,
Nice pictures! I'm glad someone else is creating aircraft for Flight!

In answer to your questions:
  • How can I remove the two other pilots in the cockpit:
    I'm assuming you are referring to pilots that are in the original FSX model. It maybe possible to remove the pilots using ModelConverterX (, depending on how the original model was built:
    • If the two pilots have independent meshes (i.e., the meshes are not part of any other meshes, such as the aircraft fuselage), you can delete them using the hierarchy viewer/editor within ModelConverterX (look for it's icon in the toolbar).
    • If the pilot meshes are also part of other meshes, the only way to remove them (assuming that you are not the author of the FSX model, and so do not have access to the original model files from which the FSX model was created) is, using ModelConverterX, to export the FSX model to a format that can be imported into a modelling application such as 3dmax or Gmax, removing the meshes, then rebuilding the model as an FSX model. This would be a lot of work & beyond the scope of this thread to discuss how to do.
  • How I can remove the 3rd (MS Flight) Pilot:
    In the livery file for each of your aircraft's liveries, you will see a line like this (the GUIDs will be different):
    <SimDataReference DataValue="{A0B6D92F-F36C-41f3-A30F-5C9F87844444}" DataName="CrewStations" />

    it could also look like this:
    <SimDataReference DataName="CrewStations" DataValue="{A0B6D92F-F36C-41f3-A30F-5C9F87844444}" />

    Delete this line from each of the liveries, and delete the two corresponding files in the sim folder:
    • CrewStations.SimData and
    • CrewStations.SimData.meta
This will prevent the Flight pilot from being rendered.​
  • Cockpit and Panel functionality:
    This is a bit trickier to explain, as there are two types of gauges in FSX: XML gauges, usually found in older FSX models, and "built-in" gauges, that are part of the model itself. The fact that you have 'dark' panels (as shown in the interior picture) suggests that your FSX model has XML gauges. The following describes how to make them visible in Flight. Note that this is a very brief overview. Converting XML gauges to work in Flight takes a lot of work to do well.

    First, you need to examine the interior aircraft model in ModelConverterX to determine the number of (Virtual cockpit (VC) panels in the model. The number should be the same as the number of VC Cockpit entries in the FSX panel.cfg file.

    Each panel has a "dummy" texture associated with it that begins with the "$" character. For example, your model may have two panels named $VC-SS-4P-01 and $VC-SS-4P-02. I've just made up these two names - the actual names will be different.

    In each Flight .livery file, you need to add an additional line in the <Visuals> section for each panel. For example, for a model with two VC panels, it would look like this:

    The GUIDs for the Exterior & Interior material variation are created by Flight toolkit when you convert the model. Don't change these. You will need to create a new GUID for each panel entry that you add (Please do NOT use the GUIDS above - I just made these up. If you do not have a GUID generator, you can download one for free from the Microsoft download center).

    Next, you need to modify the ConversionOptions.xml file and add an entry for each panel. For example, using the names and GUIDs above, it you would add


    This tells the converter to give the two panel textures specific GUIDS - ones that you have defined in the two <PanelID> entries in the livery file(s)

    For each panel, you need to create a meta file for the file that describes which gauge files to associate with the panel. Note that the Asset.Metadata is the GUID that you specified in the .livery file.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <SimBase.Document version="2,0">
    <Asset.Metadata id="{85D0AAF4-884F-435F-BB46-384CD75G33GG}">

    Do not change the GUID for <Type>. The Type GUID is defined by Flight.
    This meta file (let's call it SS-4P_VC_Panel_01.xml.meta) refers to the panel xml file (which would be called SS-4P_VC_Panel_01.xml) that actually lists the gauges in the panel.
    E.g., a panel with two gauges might look something like this:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <SimBase.Document version="2,0">
    <SimPanel.VirtualCockpit GaugeLayoutSize="512,512" AlphaBlend="0" Visible="True">

    <GaugeReference GaugeId="{3A712E43-254A-493e-83FE-B66666BD8518}">

    <GaugeReference GaugeId="{3C316296-5F2A-48ed-AA5D-199999B33958}">


    The GaugeLayoutSize, <Position> and <Size> information comes from the VC sections of the FSX panel.cfg file. Again, you will need to create new GUIDs for your gauges - I just made up the ones above.

    Each of the GaugeId GUIDS in turn refers to an xml file that actually describes how to render a specific gauge (airspeed, altimeter, etc.). It is beyond the scope of this thread to describe how to build each of these gauge files. I'd suggest looking at some of the gauge files in Flight's core.pak file to see how it is done.
Hope this helps,
Hello Friends,much Thanks for your Replys! Sorry eelis,but the Addon is still not available. If you see i have to do some manualy work on it,thanks.

Thanks to you FS-Tester for your huge Answer,now beginns the real work for me! I will do it step by step and beginn with the Pilots,i let you know what`s happen with my work!

I`ve installed all your Addons (Aircraft) and they working fine,also i uploaded your Preview Videos to my youtube Channel to make they public,i hope that is ok for you!? I changed Music on BB58 Video,cause your original was not legal in Germany(Copyright/GEMA)

Ok,much thanks again,have a good Time,best regards,Steff
Hi BergSpreu69,
I'm pleased that you like my aircraft & that they work as expected. FYI, I've just uploaded a beta version of a converted FSX Extra 300S (see my Extra for Microsoft Flight Preview Movie thread for the download location). I have no problem with you uploading my videos - they are made available for anyone to watch or use as they like. I delete them from the server after a while in order to free up space, so neither are now available (I've removed the links too).

Good luck with your continuing conversion adventure:)
regards, FS Tester.

Hello FS Tester,great Job! Extra 300S looks very nice in Hangar and all is working in Flight. A new Highlight is the smoke,tested it in Multiplayer with other Flyers too and it`s working fine. I searched with Google little bit about Red Bull Challenge and found a nice Paint Name is " Breitling " Watches they build. Now i have a Repaint in work and have a Preview Pic
Hi AlejFis. If you are referring to the Extra300S, you can download the beata v1 version now. See my "Extra for Microsoft Flight Preview Movie" thread on this forum for the download location (
FS Tester
That I already downloaded it, I was referring to the Sus Scrofa SS-4P, anyway, thanks for the attention


I would also like to comment that with the ultralight the same problem as discussed above occurs. Thank you
Those extra passengers are only seen in multiplayer, BergSpreu69 comments something similar in the first message of this thread. I have not done anything to make that happen.
Hey Guys:
I've been working in some alpha conversions of fsx planes. They aren't a finish work. But at least they fly, they have sounds (thanks to the valuable info from FS-Tester), have landing lights and two of them came with some working gauges. In the link below you also will find dozens of liveries. Some of my own, others are modifications of somebody else. Explore and try whatever you want. Enjoy

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Hi AlejFis. Thanks for posting the Aircreation pic. Just FYI, I do not have internet access at home (I access the internet using a public access point in town), so cannot test any of my aircraft in multiplayer scenarios.

This is most odd. My Aircreation model does not include code for displaying a default Flight pilot, so I'm surprised to see one. The fact that the pilot only appears in multiplayer, and only for other players (i.e. not one's own aircraft) is interesting. Flight may "assume" that, in multiplayer mode, there will always be a Flight pilot as part of the model. The fact that the pilot is shown in the position of the default "standing" mesh (i.e., it is not using a granny transform to make the pilot "sit") suggests that the multiplayer code might be written to always display a multiplayer user's avatar as the pilot, and not finding any pilot code, reverts to the default mesh for that users avatar.

Does anyone see a similar problem with my Beech Baron or Extra when flying with others in multiplayer? Both have Flight pilots included in the simdata code for the model.

w.r.t. comment by BergSpreu69 of his Sus Scrofa SS-4P having a similar problem: Now that I've seen the picture of the Aircreation, This would back up my hypothesis above, if he had not included the two CrewStations .simdata files in his model. In that case, if I'm right, he would not see any Flight pilot in his aircraft, but would see a "standing" Flight pilot in other multiplayer aircraft.

If I'm right, since we cannot change the multiplayer code for Flight, one solution would be to always include a Flight pilot in a converted FSX model. This itself is a problem if one cannot remove the FSX pilot (if it exists) prior to conversion. In this case an option might be to position the Flight pilot in the co-pilot seat of the aircraft (or, in the case of the Aircreation, in the rear seat). I have not tested this, though.

FS Tester.
Howdy FS Tester, your converted BB 58 and Extra 300 are working fine and in Multiplayer mode with other Players is only the Flight Pilot to see! He is on his Pilot seat and no other " Stuntman " on Plane Roof to see! All good,regards,Steff
Thanks for checking that out, Steff. I've just uploaded a test Aircreation .FlightAddon that contains a Flight pilot that I hope will fix the "stuntman" problem that you and AlejFis reported. See my Aircreation 582SL Trike Ultralight for MS Flight post for more details and the download link.

best regards,
FS Tester

Hello, as you can see in this image the problem has been solved. You no longer see unwanted passengers. Several paintings are missing that have been lost in the test. I think this solution will be valid for other planes where the problem appears. Thank you very much for your work.
Thanks for testing this, AlejFis. Yup, I removed some of the liveries (paintings) from the test addon to reduce the file size. I'll be adding them back when I release the final version. FYI, I've also fixed a FSX texture bug that I discovered in the original FSX files this week, as well as added "mouse-clickability" to the radio & "mouse-clickability" and a barometric pressure adjustment knob to the altitude gauge. I'll try to download another test version with all the textures and fixes next week.
FS Tester