Synthetic Vision System - quite a milestone


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After heavy development, trying to steal every spare moment I reached the milestone and have beta of Synthetic Vision System for FSX/P3D. It also has a new home and will be integrated into Pilatus P-24 by IRIS simulations. It resembles Honeywell SmartView™ Synthetic Vision System (SVS) that is used in P-12.
Behind the scenes, without $M budget and within limited time, 100 GB of SRTM and DEM data were processed, terrain mesh for the whole planet created with 25K FSX airports altitudes and height as color APEX like map. It resulted in more than 16 million map and terrain tiles that were squashed into single file "file system" and uploaded on the net. The airports runways are rendered on the fly from local data file auto-generated from Peter Dowson's MakeRunway tool. The performance impact is 3-5 FPS loss with quality vs performance configurable settings. When SVS is idle, no impact at all.

Gray Cavell - he's the one who made me do it with intention to support Flying Doctors in Australia
David Love-Brice from IRIS Simulation for letting me integrate it in Pilatus P-24's PFD
Davide from Sim Skunk Works for his excellent HTML5 based Tornado Panavia's HUD that I used as a code base for Flight Path Symbol (FPS) used in APEX SVS. I still do not understand his "scaleFactor" variable but it was trimmed for P-24 using his guidance ;)


The Valley in the Alps (P3D v2):


SVS with HTML5 based controller (to be removed in prod)


14000 feet, small hills (P3D V3)

The runway:


Wilsons Promontory National Park (AU). You can compare outside view with SVS view... (shot taken in July in P-24 beta version)


Dark and cloudy ? not in SVS (P3D V3)


I remember seeing this on YouTube years ago on real planes. I thought 'how in the world could this be done for FS....'


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Thank you ALL !!!

I'm ready for heavy fog at night :D
Some time ago (when I was looking for SVS home), I recorded foggy landing video. Thrilling experience to rely on SVS only ! Something we should not do in real life, but let's say it was en emergency. Excuse me for video low frame rate however my recording software kills the performance...

Enjoy here