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P3D v4 T hangar for P3Dv4.5


I'm hoping someone will have a file to share or be able to point me to a source for what I need. This airport is for my personal use only. I live 1 mile north of FA40 and use it for my home base in P3D.

I have a single open T hangar which works fine but I would like the same shape hangar with a closed door to mix up the view. The closed hangars I have found don't have the flat roof to match my open hangar.

I have found a closed T hangar that matches my open T but it's in a ORBX object.bgl and I can't get it to show in ADE.

Here are pics of what I have and need.

Thank you


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Hello Raceguy !
It would be useful for other to indicate where and how you found the file you were searching !
Thank you for all of us !
Hello and thank you for the reminder to update my post.

mslim on Flightsim.com gave me this information on how to pull files from ORBX:

What is the exact orbx bgl that contains the closed T hangar that you reference? Is it part of a specific airport? Does that specific airport contain a closed T hangar?
  • First open ADE
  • Go to Open Airport by BGL .Drill down until you find the Scenery Folder and look for a file with airport designation + something like ADX or APX. Ignore any with CVX.
  • Once you have the AFCAD (ADX or APX) loaded, look for a .bgl file that says Library. Chances are that will contain your hangars unless there is one that actually says "Hangars" in the title. It varies as to the complexity of the airport.
  • Go to Tools>Library Object Manager>Add File and add that .bgl to Library Object Manager.
Now you have all the objects in your ADE library, but no thumbnails. Open ModelConverterX and import the file you just added to ADE Library Object Manager. You should see pix of all the objects. Use the Capture New Thumbnail feature of the LOM to add the images. Tedious but necessary. Remember not to use any Orbx objects in any airport creation that you may distribute to other people.

Go to the bottom of your FTXG_Airports/scenery and look for "FTXG_FreewareLibs.BGL" According to my LOM this file contains 36 objects. I hope one of them is the hangar you are looking for.
Try adding that to your Library Object Manager and then open the same file in MCX and capture thumbnails. I usually set up two windows side-by-side.
If that's too much work, then just capture thumbnails of any objects that you intend to use in your airport design endeavors in the future. You can then go back into LOM and delete any objects without thumbnails by CRTL>clicking them.
There are other ORBX hangars in this path: :\Orbx Scenery\p3dv4\Orbx Libraries\ORBX\FTX_AU\FTXAA_ORBXLIBS\Scenery that you may want to use in the future.

My reply
I had already loaded the FTXG_FreewareLibs.BGL into ADE but checked again and the T hangar was not in that folder.
BUT your note about "other ORBX hangars in this path: :\Orbx Scenery\p3dv4\Orbx Libraries\ORBX\FTX_AU\FTXAA_ORBXLIBS\Scenery" sent me on a new search. I started checking each file in ModelConverterX and finally found the T hangar in a MISC file. Just proves that even though a file does not have the word "hangar" in it you should still check it out.
I'm not sure why you wouldn't want an open hangar. When I was designing my own airport for KCLE, I found a great open hangar in the stock library objects, it had a complete interior!! I set up a parking spot in it. I used modelconverterX I believe to set it to NoCrash = True so that I could park the plane in it. I believe I still have a video of it on YouTube under my name with the Golden Eagle parked in it when I was doing a demo of my design. Yea, here is the link:


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Hi bworld1, thank you for your reply.

I agree, an open hangar offers more interest and options and I do enjoy parking my planes in them. The real FA40 has several rows of T hangars and that is the airport I was modifying. Pic 1

In pic 2 you can see the T hangars in place. I also took the liberty of enlarging the parking ramp area to allow for more room to maneuver my fleet of P-51 Mustangs.

In a previous post I was looking for an open T hangar and did finally find what I needed. But, when I placed them at my airport it did not look "real" to me for all of them to be open at the same time. Pic 3

In the post above I was looking for a closed T hangar to match the flat roof style of my open version. My recent update describes how someone helped me pull the correct closed flat roof T hangar from an ORBX file. Pic 4

Take care


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