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FSX Takeoff on 9, Land on 27

Hello. I am new to ADE and it's a lot of fun to be able to update small airports that will likely not be updated if I do not do it. My home airport, KLAM, is a case in point. However, I cannot figure out why I cannot specify runway 9 as the takeoff runway and its opposite, 27, as the landing runway. This restriction exists at the real airport. I made the appropriate airport setting to specify 9 for takeoff and 27 for landing, and have successfully restricted takeoffs to 9, but the ATC window gives no landing options, 9 or 27. Any advice would be appreciated.


Resource contributor

Sorry, AFAIK not possible. You cannot have traffic using a runway in both directions at the same time. You can increase the chances of ATC using runway 27 for landing by deleting the Rwy 9 start location, but if planes land on 27 I assume that takeoffs will also use that end, no matter your runway settings.
I, too wish this functionality existed within FSX/P3D. Mountain Air, North Carolina (2NC0) also uses one runway for takeoff and the opposite for landing as the runway is steeply sloped. I have tried everything I know to make it work to no avail.
Try This, Make a parallel runway same size, name it Rw 27 Left, name orig runway 27 right, make 27R landing only, 9R take off only, link the 2 rws together with no holdsohrts between them then move one runway over the other and move the rw links very close together. I only tested This once on a dirt runway and it appeared to work, Haven't tested the idea to destruction yet.