Task force supplier of the German Navy

And again there is an AI ship for the P3D V4+ (the version for FSX and P3D V1-3 will follow later) for free download (registration and login required) .
This time it is the 3 task force suppliers of the German Navy. As a foretaste here is a short video of the models in the P3D V4.
All further information can be found on the product page.

As it turned out, the ships have 2 propellers. So the animation of the propeller water was wrong. I have now corrected this and modified the FX file accordingly (see picture).
The new FX file can be downloaded in the filebase of the SimDocks forum (registration / login required).
For the update just exchange the old FX file with the new one.

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From now on the FSX version of the Task Force Suppliers can be downloaded from the download area of the SimDocks website (registration / login required).
This version was compiled with the FSX SDK and can also be used in P3D versions 1-3.