FSXA Taxi signs not showing at LFPG

I am doing some work to update LFPG (Charles De Gaulle) airport to bring it up to date with the airport charts. Everything was progressing fine until the last hurdle. No taxiway signs are showing in FSX. I am sure that somewhere along the line, after frequent compiles and visits to this airport in FSX that there were taxi signs showing. Looking in ADEX v01.76.6715 in the List menu I see that there is a total of 1040 signs. Is there some sort of limit as to the amount that they will display in FSX.
I believe you had a similar problem back in 2015 - did you sort that one out?

An 'exclusion polygon' is often the cause of this problem if you are using a non-stock airport file.
I cannot for the life in me remember back to 2015, I'm 79 years old and the grey matter is a little bit absent. As to the present situation, I was trying to update a non-stock airport file which has no exclusions but have now reverted to using a P3Dv3.4 stock file, will see how I progress but thanks anyway for your answer.
I am now working on the stock file for LFPG and the same problem occurred. After some trial and error I discovered that the taxi sign limit is is 971. Due to extensive real life development at LFPG there is a requirement for additional taxi signs. Is there any way that these could be made available.
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If it is a compiler limitation then not in the same file. You can, of course, create a bgl file containing taxisigns which loads alongside you airport bgl file