TaxiSigns in the Midwest

Hi Jon,
First this is a great tool, thank you for all your work!

I've been working on a small airport in the Midwest: KMLI. When I load the bgl (APX23170) into SDE (Version 00.90.2624) and open KMLI the ref TaxiSign displays its latitude out to only five decimals. This seems to throw off the rest of the signs as all the coordinates are off. So I can exclude the ref sign and place it a little outside the exclude without a problem. But now I have to place all the other signs by hand, not just the ones I need to move because if I paste them into my file they end up out in the corn field.:(

This could all be me of course but the short latitude seems suspect. The only sign that seems to be in the right place is the first sign in the list. This same behavior has been in the two previous versions as well.

In glancing through the APX23170.bgl the reference sign at KUIN displays only five decimals in its Longitude. I did not look further at that so I’m not sure if it causes the same trouble or not.

For that matter I don’t know conclusively if the missing decimal place is the problem at KMLI.

But something seems amiss.