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Taxiway Lights at Default Airports

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there is an easy way to replace the default dots at p3d airports with light poles or similar objects that we find at nice payware airports? Or does each airport need to be designed separately? I'm just wondering if there's some kind of default taxiway light file in P3D that could be swapped out for something better.

If this was discussed before, can you point me to the thread?



dave hoeffgen

Resource contributor
The light dots on default airports sadly are not objects that can be replaced but effects that are automatically placed by the engine according to the runway/taxiway metadata.
so what you want is not possible straight away.

The workflow about a high quality addon is removing any lighting information from the afcad and hand placing every light object (or groups).
A program doing this automatically (read an airport source, exporti it without lighting and compile light object placement) should generally be possible, meanwhile I don't know about an existing one.

I heard about a simConnect application replacing the (generated) taxiway signs by high quality ones in real time by injecting them and suppressing the default ones.
So I think that might also be possible for runway/taxiway lights. Also in that case I don't know if something like that already exists or not.

Hope this gives a hint on where the research could be continued ;)