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I'm new to SDE and to FSX scenery design, this is my first post here.
I just came across SDE and i am trying to understand the program.
I used the scanner function to find LPPM airport because i wanted to fix the taxiway which is on the right side of runway 29 instead of the left side. The problem is that in SDE this airport does not have a taxiway. I just see the runways but no taxiway. But in FSX there is one taxiway. How can i change it to the other side?

If anyone could be so kind to point me in the right direction for building one runway (step by step guide) in a new airport from scratch i would be grateful also. :)

Thanks in advance.


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The airport data for Portimao does not contain any taxiway information. Are you saying that one is visible in FSX?

There is no taxiway data in either the FSX or FS9 records

Taxiways are made up of a series of taxipoints, parkingpoints and taxipaths. None of these are present in the Bgl file for this airport.

SDE is not a beginners tool at the moment. It has no map based interface to help design and modify airports (as with AFCAD) however that is in development.
No taxiway

Hi, Alvega

I just see the runways but no taxiway. But in FSX there is one taxiway. How can i change it to the other side?
The image below shows LPPM (Portugal) FSX default scenery.

As we can see, the default scenery has no taxiway at all.

If you are seeing anything besides what that image shows, certainly you have installed a new scenery or had an old one in FS9 and activated it for FSX.

You need to find where those scenery's files are installed and edit the AFCAD using AFCAD2 tool. As Jon said, SDE has not yet a graphical interface for that.

Yet, you can contact the scenery's author and ask him to put the taxiway in the right position.

Good luck.

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Hi Jon

Thanks for your answer. I used to create some scenery for FS9. I am a begginer in creating FSX scenery and SDE and FSX KML are new to me. But i guess i'm starting to understand these tools better, so i hope to pass the beginner phase soon. :)


I found out it was an AFCAD from MyTraffix X that created the taxiway. I will fix it with AFCAD now. Thanks for your answer. ;)